2PM New Resident Next Door Story / Screenshot Results Part 5

Oh it is getting good! Can't wait to see where we end up. :)

1. Okay coming! 2. (Blushes) I- I won't! 3. (At least they let me have a separate bed) 4. Oh your still awake? 5. (Stares out of shock and then Blushes darkly) 6. What are you doing?! (Still red) 7. .... 8. (Holds cheek) What was that?! 9. Breakfast? 10. Maybe we should stop and get something.

11. Okay I will make sure to lock up. 12. I should take a walk. 13.?! I- Is that?! 14. (What?!) 15. Taecyeon!!! 16. (Looks distant) 17. (Presses button to close) 18. Why? Why did they lie to me? 19. Hey! (Gives chase but loses him) Damn it! Can it get any better?! 20. What are you doing here? Come to lie some more?!

Sorry it's a bit dramatic.... Tagging! @shannonl5@buddyesd@ErinGregory@poojas@danidee@ButterflyBlu@nicolejb@VinMcCarthy@selley12@MichaelOgg@Helixx@terenaliyn@MadAndrea@thePinkPrincess@jessicaacosta90@ReynadeKpop@BBxGD@Jiyongixoxo

Hello all! I obviously have a daughter from picture above. I love kpop, kdramas, anime, comic books, drawing, and movies. I joined quite a bit of communities and hope to contribute to them all eventually. Anywho hope to make some friends! See you guys around!
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