I was walking down the street today and all of a sudden I found myself next to a couple of teenagers. They were being so loud it was almost impossible not to hear their conversation about haw boring is their literature class. I immediately went to my Favorite Books List in my mind. I'm not sure if their problem is that, whoerver their teacher is, is not quite good in making them to have interest in reading or if they actually don't like the subject. I really enjoy reading and one of my favorite classes was Literature (which I ended up taking in three different languages) back in the University, so here are some of the best books I have ever read. *Les Pardaillan *Little Women *The Good Earth *Hamlet *Romeo and Juliete *Du contract Social *Les Misérables *Three blind mice *Camille or La Dame aux Camellias *Short stories by Oscar Wilde And the list goes on and on, hehe =) What's your favoritw book?

I'm a happy girl in love with life, romanticism and sunset walks. Huge fan of reading books, gathering with friends and cocktails. I love doramas, kpop and daydreaming.
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