Coffee (Suga x Reader One-shot)

Beep! Beep! "Ugh..." I turned to the side turning my alarm off. Slowly getting out of bed I walked to my closet grabbing a plain white shirt, jeans, my favorite leather jacket, and a black snap back. Looking at the time I realized I should probably start leaving if I want to get some coffee before work. Slipping on some leather combat boots I left the apartment ********************************************** "Good morning Y/N!!" "Morning, Jinhyun, I'll have my usual." I grumbled not fully awake. Just as I was about to space out I heard a bell chime signaling someone came in. Normally I wouldn't care but something told me to look, so I did. It was an unfamiliar face, which was weird because I came here so often, I knew everyone. He was very pale and had green hair. He was wearing a similar outfit to mine. His voice was so beautiful as he ordered an Americano, I didn't realize I had been staring when he suddenly looked at me. "Take a picture it'll last longer." "Sorry, I was just wondering why I've never seen you here before." I said as I felt a blush rush to my cheeks. He laughed a little, stretching out his hand, "Min Youngi, you are?" Grabbing his hand I replied "Y/N, nice to meet you." I smiled. "Caramel macchiato!" I pulled my hand away as I went to grab my coffee. "Yah! Do you have a little crush?"Jinhyun asked teasing me trying so hard not to laugh. "A-aniyo! Why would you say that?!" "Aww! You're blushing! Don't worry, I think he likes you too, you got a shot." he snickered. I turned around seeing Yoongi just in hearing range slightly blushing. 'Oh God' I started getting nervous not knowing what I should do. Ummm... Yoongi? Is it okay to call you that?" "Uh... sure, what's up?" he asked walking towards me. "I have to go now but... umm... by any chance would you want to meet up again anytime soon?" I asked fumbling with the straw in my drink. His face lit up as he flashed me a gummy smile. 'So Cute! (^ω^)(^__^)' "Sure what's your number? You know... so we can... uh... plan it out." We exchanged numbers and ended up chatting a little longer as he got his coffee when I realized what time it was. "Sorry!" I blurted out, "but I'm running late, see you later?" "Of course! Bye Y/N!" he called as I ran out the coffee shop.

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