A few edits I created!

so i was inspired by@kpopdeluxegirl into creating edits and collages and so here are the one i have made so far

for SS301 They are my #1 kpop group and they recently had their comeback as SS301 I got those pictures from their Instagrams ....and omg I love all their pictures, they are so cute and hilarious! Hope you guys like it as much as I do! And for those who are Triple S , there ya go my edit!

And there you have it guys! An edit of my bias from Big Bang, TOP! Those are just a few pictures, for more check out his Instagram! I had a lot of fun making this one and I think I did well...what do you guys think?

This one was a little complicated It looks very simple but I had the keep changing the background ,and take and put some pictures , and changing the font and ugh so much! But the ending result satisfied me even though it is very simple. I think that the picture is very natural and just makes thw whole edit look good haha you like? ヽ(^。^)丿

These are BONUS! Some edits I did a long time ago, which I also really like and decided to share with you guys! #1- I came up with the words. #2- Those are lyrics of a song from the ost of the kdrama 'school 2015 :who are you' . #3- same as #2 just different design. #4- I actually took the picture! I really like that picture haha and I just added the words which are again, lyrics to another song from the ost of 'school 2015: who are you'. #5-#7- Same background it's a background from an app called 'no crop' I just added the words. That is it guys! Hope you enjoyed and liked my edits! Comment if you would like to be tagged in future cards I post of edits!

💚 SS501/301 & Big Bang 👑 ❤ BTS? currently trying to survive from those 7 dorks KHJ•KKJ | T.O.P Jin? Namjoon? Jungkook? V? J-Hope? Jimin? Suga?╥.╥
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