Twenty9 Days of Marvel 20-one

marvel should hire Johnny depp, if he still chooses to act after Pirates of the Caribbean Dead men tell no tales comes out in 2017. I mean he would be a perfect addition because of the slew of characters he's done. I know he's not the typical comic character choice but I think he could do it well. Don't judge my choice lol he's man pretty with his long hair, goatee, and shades lol. tagging my marvelen (marvel brethren) @MichaelOgg@BeannachOraibh@JoshuaGraston@Kirooken@Shannon15@jak91@jonathanbellamy@sammsosa@lostpastaproxy@elijah101@XxChato03@peahyr@KaitlinUlrich@LigerP@CarissaLeal@Kazukisoloan@KristianHampton@DustinAtkinson@txsuspect214@MotherEffinPoe@redapple615@shogu12s@DLowLewis@nobankai@S92pk@IsaacAmbrose@TambryInskeep@LAVONYORK@Rafamike@Namrow@Fallout14@CandaceJordan@DarthRevan@butterflyblu

Hi I'm a lowly youtuber/ anime, music, art and anything buff. my name is Samantha but I go by the mellow mallow. I hope to make friends with community members of people who like the same stuff as me. I have twelve favorite colors.
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