FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi Apologizes for Exposing CNBlue Lee Jong Hyun’s Plastic Surgery

There was a time when FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi blurted out that CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun received plastic surgery, and now he’s apologizing for it. On May 23, Lee Hong Gi appeared on MBC’s Radio Star, where the MCs brought up the time when Lee Hong Gi announced on air that Lee Jong Hyun received ear plastic surgery. Looking apologetic, Lee Hong Gi said, “I’m really sorry.” It all started when FT Island appeared on MBC Music’s All the Kpop and answered that none of the CN Blue and FT Island members received plastic surgery. Then Lee Hong Gi said that Lee Jong Hyun received ear plastic surgery. Back on Radio Star, Lee Hong Gi said, “I had this confidence that FT Island and CN Blue didn’t do any plastic surgery and thought differently about ear plastic surgery. I didn’t realize it could have been a major insecurity for Jong Hyun.” Lee Hong Gi added that Lee Jong Hyun messaged him, saying, “Kekekeke. What did you say that!?” Lee Hong Gi also said that Lee Jong Hyun’s father was especially upset over the exposed secret and the singer apologized to Lee Jong Hyun’s father on the show and promised to be more careful in the future.

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