BAP Comeback

It "Feel So Good" to have my ultimate bias group back and have them slay my life. I'm literally in tears right now because they never disappoint. I just love them and everything they do.

Seeing them happy and being their goofy selves again makes me even happier, and I feel like that was the whole concept and theme of this mv. Just look at how cute they are! They are overflowing with aegyo.

As for the mini album, I just listened to it and I have to say my favorite song is a tie between albatross and my girl. In general, it's just such a happy and upbeat album, a lot calmer than matrix, but now it's more focused on the happiness of their fans and making them happy. Don't get me wrong, matrix made me happier than life, but I have to say this album doesn't fail to bring a smile to my face.


BAP, thank you for everything you do. Thank you for working so hard to make your babyz happy. And now I shall wait until LOE 2016 ❤

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