"Noble, My Love" (K-Drama Review)


(Sung Hoon)(Kim Jae Kyung)



(Sung Hoon)

Main Couple:

They didn't have the greatest chemistry with each other but they were a very laughable couple because of how they acted towards one another. They had their cute moments which were great and made me smile but there was one thing that bugged me about these two. That was their kisses because they looked really staged and unnatural especially their first kiss were she falls onto his lips.


The one thing I did love about this drama was the animation mixed in with the drama that portrayed the main couple because it made the show vibrant and beautiful.


I liked the actors and actresses that played the leads even though they didn't have the greatest chemistry but they did act very well. The plot isn't that strong but that's expected since it is a short series of 20 episodes that each 15 minutea long. I finished it in a little over a day. The endings hooked me to watch more. There aren't any men character which made me happy. The cute scenes made me smile and the funny scenes made me chuckle. I though this drama could've been somewhat better. This was my first webdrama and it was enjoyable but the female lead irked me sometimes. It has a great ending.


8/10 - I recommend it for the rom-com lovers out there because this is a cute little webdrama that is entertaining.

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