how do I feel (chapter 1/idk)

im soo sorry that this took forever but ive worked really hard on this so hope u guys like it and pls follow me❤

you wake up from a dream and you know that it was important because your heart started beating faster and you felt butterflies in your stomach. When you tried to remember the dream just a little bit but couldn't which got you mad. you didnt know why but there was also a name that kept ringing in your head it was your best friend jungkook You sat up so fast that you kinda got light headed " AHHHHH stop it " you yell as you saw little stars and put your hand on your head and slowly lay back down. You tried to back to go back to sleep but you just layed there blank headed so you reached over to grab your phone and turned it on only to see that it said 6:20AM You let your phone drop on your chest and let out a very long sigh. After maybe a couple of very LONG seconds you put on some music on and place your phone on your nightstand. you get up to gather your stuff together so you can take a shower. During your shower you sang along to EXO CALL ME BABY and done some dance moves but stopped because you almost slipped a couple of times "LOL" You got out the shower and which scared you a little you saw HUGE Rose's on your night stand and it had a note. You walk over making sure there was no one in your apartment and opened the note that was from ............

Mmmmmh I wonder who like and coment if you want to be tagged❤

i guess i just love anything❤
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