Krystal Jung's Inspired Outfit

Hey peeps ! Its Monday again but lets not make it BLUE !

Today, I will be sharing how to wear like Krystal from fx !

Idk about you but im seriously a huge fan of Krystal as she dresses the simplest items so fashionable !!

What do you think?

1st outfit - Stripes T X Denim Jeans X Sneakers

Stripe T

Stripe T is the staple item that I think every girls should have in their wardrobe. Besides, Stripes a.k.a fine lines is one of the trend for 2016 Spring.

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Denim Wide-Legs Pants

Then pair your stripe T with a denim wide-legs pants. For me wearing a wide-legs pants is the comfiest outfit (I swear, is like wearing a pyjamas XD but in a stylish way).

After you got a stripe T and a denim wide legs pants, 80% of your outfit is similar with Krytsal! yeah !

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Keds Champion Originals (WF34300)

To complete your look wear a pair of Keds and you are ready to go ! And Shine like Krystal !

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2nd outfit - white shirt redux X black zipper jeggings X Black Oxford Shoes

White Shirt Redux

All button down white shirt is always the basic item that not only men collect it but also women. It can create so many different looks depends on how you pair it !

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Black Zipper Jeggings

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To complete your look pair your outfits with a pair of black oxford shoes! Walaaa you can rock your outfit to the airport now or even college / university!

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Thats all for today ! If you like my post remember to give me some love <3 Drop a comment by saying which outfit you prefer more ^^ If you like me to do more inspired outfit, you can also comment down ! xoxo
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