Your Face in Korean: 눈, 코, 입!


Today we have Red Velvet and Taeyang here to each us three body parts!

눈 - Eye(s)


코 - Nose


입 - Lips


Dumb Dumb - Red Velvet @ 0:53

"눈 코 입 표정도"

(noon, ko, ip, pyo-jeong-doh)

Eyes, nose, lips, and my expression

Eyes, Nose, Lips - Taeyang @ 1:23

"너의 눈 코 입"

neo-eui noon, ko, ip"

Your eyes, nose, lips

It's hard to forget these three body parts thanks to Taeyang~

Do you know other body part words in Korean? (Ear is my favorite^^)

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