Son Ho Young’s Girlfriend Found Dead in His Car

A lifeless body has been found in a car, which was revealed to belong to Son Ho Young. On the night of May 21, the Gangnam police department stated, “Around 3 PM (KST) on this day, a woman, who has been revealed to be close with Son Ho Young was found dead in a car parked near Apgujeong’s Misung Apartment Complex with a lit coal briquette.” The car had been illegally parked at the location since May 15, and the body was found by a towing company employee and reported to the police. Inside the car, a coal briquette, a brazier, a bottle of sleeping pills, and a letter were found, making it appear as if it was a suicide. Son Ho Young was called into the police station, where he was investigated. He seemed to have known nothing of the issue. Son Ho Young’s agency stated that following the investigations, the singer is currently in state of shock. The agency also revealed that Son Ho Young and the woman have been dating sincerely for a year. The woman is not a celebrity. The car belonged to Son Ho Young and was used by the woman to practice driving. “With Son Ho Young’s album production, the couple had little fights, but nothing big that could have led to this incident,” said CJ E&M. “Son Ho Young is in great shock because he never imagined anything like this to happen.” Son Ho Young will be halting all activities until further notice. Photo Credit: eNEWS DB [Copyright CJ E&M Entertainment Portal enewsWorld, All Rights Reserved]

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