Exo NYC Concert Was AWESOME

Okay guys so this was my first kpop concert and honestly I didn't really know what to expect. Especially with the reputation Exo-Ls tend to get. But aside from a few camera girls fighting with security (they were Korean fan site masters) everyone was pretty well behaved. They only told us to step back twice but they still talked about safety a lot. I met so many nice people and new friends just by standing in line. I only saw like 4 or 5 fellow Chen stans though. There were a million Baekhyuns and Chanyeols.......@.@ I was in the pit but I was in like the second/third row and there were a lot of cameras and it was hard to see them and take pictures. But I got a few good fan cams I'll upload them to YouTube and here later. Here's my account of events:

• Okay so first off no one can ever describe how they look in real life you have to see them it's unreal. Kyungsoo is obviously short but Chen also looks surprisingly small compared to other members and CHANYEOL towered over Suho and Kyungsoo and so did Sehun next to Baekhyun • They're literal ANGELS like I've never seen grown men that looked just! so! good! Like my eyes were on Chen and Baekhyun and Suho almost the entire time THEY LOOKED SO GOOD JESUS CHRIST • Baekhyun had black hair and it surprised me because that's my favorite look on him and he came out and I freaked out and almost fainted seriously • They mostly sung live like miracles in December is my favorite song and it sounded like they ate the CD • CHANYEOL SINGING LIVE IS A++++ HIS RUNS ARE SO LOW HE DID ONE ATE THE END OF A SONG AS AN ADLIB AND MY WHOLE SECTION WAS LIKE ???!!!! • Xiumin was so excited he like bounced everywhere the entire concert
• Sehun looked idk like not really there idk if he was upset about the incident earlier but when we called his name he just smiled and shook his head
• People cheered so much for SUHO he smiled so much aw
• Everytime Lay showed up everyone screamed
•One of the VCRs showed Chens aBS AND WE ALL SCREAMED
• SATANSOO PUSHED CHANYEOL AND HE ALMOST FELL OFF THE EXTENDED STAGE AND WE SCREAMED • I have a picture of Chanyeol looking right at me and my camera and pointing (see above) • Sehun isn't even my bias but ALL MY BEST PICS ARE OF HIM (he's confirmed his status as a bias wrecker as of last night god the boy looked GOOD)
• During their ending comments CHanyeol laughed for 50 years about absolutely nothing 
• Baekhyun had a buns (?) headband on his forehead • Drop that was horrible in the pit no one could move so we couldn't really jump •Kyungsoo got my section to swing our light sticks during Lucky and he gave us thumbs up • Kyungsoo makes his trademark face when he's concentrating on his dance it's adorABLE • I'm gonna assume it's because it's where they were positioned to go but Suho, Chanyeol, Xiumin, and Chen were almost always on my side • I didn't interact with Kai at all he was always at the other side :(
• Chanyeol and Minseok got us to do a chant in korean and I think we did pretty well
• every time the members were being cute like during Lucky, Kai decided to be extrA SEXY
• I made eye contact with Baekhyun and Suho a lot and they smiled so much

• Everytime we yelled baekhyun's name he either waved at us or smiled shyly AWW 
• a fellow Chen stan and I held up a banner and screamed that we loved him and he smilED REALLY WIDE AND WAVED AT US (twice)
• SEHUNS shirt kept lifting up and we saw his abs a lot
• Baekhyun shook his ASS AT US
• Minseok did aegyo for us

• Suho made us all say Merry Christmas before they sung the Christmas themed songs
• Suho, Chanyeol, Chen, and Xiumin agreed that NYC Exo-Ls were beautiful • CHEN SAID EXO-L IN NEW YORK ARE AS BEAUTIFUL AS OUR SKYSCRAPERS
• Suho said a million times that he would come back soon and thanked us cause we made him so happy!!!!!
• He also thanks us for holding the concert so they could shop and have healing time
• Sehun and Baekhyun touched each other aLOT • Chanyeol sung And a happy new year but Im not really sure why????
• Sehun played with his hair and Baekhyun made a face
•Suho and Chanyeol looked like they would cry when they were saying goodbye for the final time and it made some of us cry (myself included)
• They all said they loved NYC and they would be back as soon as they could

Ahhhh guys seriously like this was one of the best moments of my life and Ill remember it forever. Jongdae looking into my eyes wow just WOW. And his smile. Ugh. Im entering my post concert depression. bYEEEEE~

EDIT: LAY WAS NOT AT THE CONCERT. SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION. He showed up in the VCRs and everyone went wild. Every. Single. Time.


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