Friendship and love pt.4 (BTS fanfic)

Wow it has been some time and Vingle keeps deleting my draft slots. Lmao Sorry this chapter is so late and short. Vingle has hated me lately and won't let me link it but if you have not read my first part please do follow my collection and read the first part so your not lost. Thank you for reading. :3

"Why are you hiding?"I drew that one of those guys today duringart class..and I'm not sure if he was flirting but he called my name beautiful. ""What's that hyung?""Mm what does it look like?""It looks like a drawing of youYoongi""Who drew it? It looks really nice""That chick over there, the one hiding""Don't point. That's rude""Hey! You! Can I be your mode-""Hobi!""Dude!""Are you okay?""Yeah. I'm okay""Can I still be your model?""Maybe..""Pleaseee""I said maybe""My name is hoseok but you can call me Hobi if you want ""I'm y/n" nice to meet you.""Hi! I'm hoseok!""I-I'm../insert friends name here?/""Y/n! Lemme know when you need me for a model! See ya girls later""Oh my I'm blushing so much!""That's okay""How do you keep yourself so calm around boys!?""I dunno. I just stay calm I guess""How do you even?""your day will come my friend""The music teacher said she would lend us the music room if ya guys wanna stay after to practice""I'm up for that"

"I'll be back after I get my food!""Hey.""Eating lunch with me again?""why not. The boys can eat without me. They are big boys""So I've heard that you met a few if the boys. I'm sorry if they cause you any trouble.""Nah it's okay. I don't really mind"I dunno I guess it makes my life a bit interesting to meet new people""This is my best friend /friends name?/ ""Hello I'm Jin. Nice to meet you ""Hello Jin "

*end of the school day bell*

"What's wrong?""Mm it's nothing ""Are you sure..if there's something Wrong let me know"" I had fun today""Well I'll text you later okay. If there is something wrong let me know. "" I'll see you tomorrow have fun at art club! "

Well then here we are. I'm slowly running out of ideas but I don't wanna abandon this and leave people hanging so if ya have a suggestion lemme know!! Also lemme know if ya wanna be tagged when I update next.


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