What Your Hogwarts House Says About Your Love Life

Love Harry Potter? Know exactly what house you are in?!

(Caveat: I am by no means an expert on the subject. I have however read the books at least three times, seen all the movies, and self-identify as a Gryffindor)

Let's dive into the Hogwarts Houses.


The most courageous of the bunch, you will put yourself out there for love. But unlike someone who might be manipulative with love, you are very respectful of each individual you come across. In a relationship you will risk it all to make things work. But you won't sacrifice your own life and ambitions. This could also mean you are put in some really tough situations. But just like the three main characters in the Potter books, you will stick together through whatever. Even if that means you have to a destroy a Horcrux together.


You are the kindest and the most loyal Hogwarts House, and there is a reason for it. Your kindness means you can love even the misfits of the wizarding world (Thestrals are your bros!). This kindness and loyalty will help you create a strong group of friends, and a partner you are fully loyal too. But be careful who you fall for, they might turn out to take advantage of your kindness.


You will do whatever it takes to get the perfect partner. And because you will do whatever it takes to have the most interesting and awesome partner, you use your creativity to woo them over. Just make sure not to send too many love potions. ;) You also are incredibly smart, so you will remember even the most minuscule detail about your partner. They prefer chocolate frogs over Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans? You know what's up.


You are all about ambition and following your true self. Because of this you tend to be the leader in a relationship, or you tend to avoid relationships all together! You are too busy doing your own thing. This isn't a bad thing because it makes you happy to be the most powerful and interesting. But try to open up and meet people you wouldn't expect to get along with (yes, even the Muggle-borns). You never know how it could help you in the future.

What house are you in???



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