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Have you ever listened to a song and got really into the tune, but couldn’t figure out what the name of the song is, even though the chorus is catchy but not really the name of the song? It seems I had to write down the lyrics that repeat the most and search it on the web. This was back before any of us had SoundHound. It’s embarrassing really to ask a stranger about the song playing in the background. You act like an idiot trying to sing the lyrics or humming the tune as an innocent explaination and then people tell you It’s not karaoke night. Then your heart gets broken and you sit at the bar telling yourself you have to figure it out.


I think the most awkward part of listening to a song that sounds catchy is reading the lyrics. One song sounds happy while the singer is weeping inside and bellowing out pretentious poetry occasionally.

Where Can I Stab Myself in the Ears, right?

Some songs are more true than others. Have you noticed all the billboard top hits are about sex, drugs, money, and relationships, and the underrated ones are about truth, misery, and Shakespearean like? Society actually likes that. Sometimes when I’m tired of listening to the same lyrics, the ones they stay in your head for a good three days and you bang you head against the table and try to think of another song, I look for an instrumental version. Or maybe an unreleased version. Anyway, once you get a hold of what the meaning behind a song, your realization is found. Often shocking, or relief. But more importantly, why the song fits you. And then you’ll probably hate it.


I’ve looked at my playlists and while I do enjoy some of the bands and their EPs, almost all of them (3000 of them approximately) don’t go well for me. I don’t have any songs that are awkward, or weird. Although I do know some, I just can’t let the feds barging in and see me pirating. We all just add a song we like just because the instruments and harmonies sound great. I find it amusing; we don’t know what the hell the artists are singing about. We don’t have to like a song because of that, or how it touches our hearts, but we choose the songs to change our field of thought and it’s not a shame to do so. But hey, it’s a beat, right?

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