Chilean authorities have seized a haul of Minions ecstasy pills

Everyday, drug traffickers work to find new unique ways to hid their product from the authorities.

Special packing is creative hiding spots are ways that may drug dealers hide their product from the cops. In the club scene, a new signature design is sweeping the streets for ecstasy: The Minions cartoon character.

As Metro reports, the Dutch-made pills were found by Chilean customs officers hidden in a children’s drawing kit.

The Minions-shaped tablets look disconcertingly like child’s multi-vitamin pills, but less like actual drugs than Haribo’s recent DJ-themed candy.

So watch out for the Minions at your local party, odds are you if you take one of those "vitamins" you are going on a wild ride.

Christian is a member of the SNICK generation who misses the days of Pete and Pete and is a loyal advocate of backpack rap.
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