The song that started it all.

So I was listening to the song that got me hooked on kpop earlier and I started thinking what song stuck out to you the most and drew you into kpop.

For me it was Vixx - Hyde I discovered it right after it came out in 2013 while I was looking for Jpop. Shortly after discovering Vixx I found many other groups so I was already way too far in at that point.

Of course I knew about kpop back in 2012 when Oppa gangnam style came out and took the world by Storm, but it wasn't until I discovered Vixx that I fell into kpop.

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Vixx, Infinite, Got7, Ikon, and Block b are a few of my favorite groups since well crash landing into kpop land where there are no exits or escapes not that I want one, but that's not the point.


So what's the song that started it all for you?

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