10 Things You Have To Give A F*ck About

So I wrote a card about 10 things you shouldn't give a fuck about, and now I'm going to talk about 10 things that you should give a fuck about.

A lot of you appreciated my bold bluntness, so I'm going to put this very, very bluntly.

1. How you treat others.

Treating people with kindness and respect is not that effing hard. Concentrate your energy on that.

2. The energy you put into the universe.

Nobody likes to hang out with a downer. It's great to put great energy out there, you'll get it back. Seriously...and if you don't, well its coming. Just believe that.

3. Staying in contact with your family.

Yes, families can be downright irritating, but staying in contact with those you love, and continuing to develop relationships with them is always worth trying. Don't give up no matter how hard it gets.

4. Building the life you want.

If you hate that you're messy, start cleaning. If you hate your weight, make little changes to improve. If you hate your hair color, change it! You have control over the things you want to do.

5. Your personal style.

This isn't shallow. What you wear and how you look can completely change your outlook on life. A pair of shoes has made my mood infinitely better, and I'm not afraid to say that. Get your look together and feel good about doing it.

6. Your finances.

I put off dealing with my finances until I was just collecting debt. Don't wait to deal with that stuff, it will bite you in the ass.

7. Your friends.

If you move away or lose touch, get it back. Because your friends are important. No matter how many times you get pissed or lose interest the ones who you value will always be there. So much like your family, cultivate those relationships.

8. Your future.

Don't let the concept of it cripple you, but make sure you're working toward something. In the simplest way possible, keep your future in mind.

9. How you see the world.

Developing your own world view is a part of growing up. Making sure that you have a personal philosophy and treat yourself and others according to that is an essential thing to focus on.

10. Having fun.

Not a lot of people put this on their priority list, myself included. But I'm going to try and have more fucking fun! Because now is the damn time! Get out there and make a mess.

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