How do I feel chapter (2/idk)

WARNING: you might scream or fangirl but it up to you and comment what your reaction is LOL SUMMARY: you woke up with the name jungkook kept ringing in your ear. You got out the shower and saw HUGE Rose's it had a note from..........


The note was from jungkook which gave you a confused yet surprised expression. In the note it said "Rose's are red violets are blue I love being around with you. You make me laugh you make me cry, but if I don't have you I'd rather die my life is complete when you are around and when your gone I start to frown. I think im in love and I know that its true if love exist then I found it with you.❤❤❤ ~ From your dearest friend Jungkook P. S I dont how you'll feel about this but I really likrd the poem that I wrote so see ya latter at dance practice (P.P. S) sorry when I came in while you were in the shower ~ LOVE YA "AWWWWW thank you" you say as you close the note and and placed it over your heart. For some reason again you felt butterflies in your stomach. NOOOOO I cant let this distract me. you puy the note down and finished getting ready. For today at practice you just put on a plain balck shirt and black shorts with a black binne with your hair down in a wavy form and some tenishoes.(casual) After your done you called your friend who was going to practice with you to see if she was ready. "Hello" hey you done getting ready and when you gonna pick me up. "yea im actually about to be on my way over so be ready when I honk K K see ya in a bit. Bye bye when you doubled check tobsee that you got your dance bag with extra clothesand (What ever you need when you workout i guess) DINGGGGG you look at your phone and saw that you got a text from jungkook it said "hey when you gonna be on your way". "In a little bit" you were about to send it then you saw the flowers agin and also texted him " and thank you for the flowers i love them. ❤ ~send HONK!!! you quickly grabed your stuff and meet your friend. " hey" "hey" you ready yea k. 2 minutes later you avrived at their dorms which they have a practice room, you saw everyone warming up and when you guys walked in they gretted both of you with huge bear hugs. When jungkook was about to hug you , you doged it not even making eye contact with him because you just felt nevrous or you didnt to face him for some reason. You walked over to the bentch to put your bag down jungkook walks over to you and ask's " hey did I do something wrong" "no you say as you immediately get up and walk over to the stance to pick a song you want to learn. sonner or later you chose RUN bt bts then you yell out to V if he can show you the moves pls. Yeah sure lets just learn the basic moves during the main verus's ok ok "HEY I can show her!" you hear jungkook yell over to you guys yea is that ok with you (Y/H)? V ask's you. Umm.......


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