V.I.P: Entrance Unexpected

I get out of the bathroom. I'm nervous, but why. I walk down the kitchen and I see Seungri cooking. *Well I'll be damn! A man cooking?....ooohhh sexy. Get your act together Oh Ja-ni* "Need help" "I'm almost done, no worries." "Just making sure" Seungri place the food on the table. *Wow* "This looks so good, will it taste good?" "You just broke your brothers heart. Eat smart ass" I took a bite, my eyes pop open. *OMG* "Seungri this is actually good" "Thank you, I actually enjoy cooking" "That's good, you will be a perfect husband" "I know I will." "Show off" "Hey what you want to do after we eat" "Hmmm.... let's practice. I really want to get better" "Sure. " We finish off eating and head downstairs to his little dance studio. I put my sneakers on and Seungri starts to put some music. It was Bang Bang Bang. "I'll teach you our dances. Slowly you will get used to it and then pick up other dances. ok." "Ok." Seungri start pumping his hips. I just only started instead of learning. As I see him dance, I can't not keep my eyes off of him. He can dance, but sexy. *Whoop go Seungri* Then the music stops. "Now come one, your turn" I stand and walk towards him. Then he stand next to me. Then he shows me how to pump the hips. *oh god* I laugh inside. Once I tried, I keep losing the rhythm. Seungri then step behind me. "Look in the mirror, you need to move this forward but hard." He grabs my hips and push it forward. *whoa* Then he kept going and going. I soon got the hang off it. Then we went step by step on the dance. As I finish off the steps. We both decided to dance the whole song together. Seungri hit play and off we go. "Wow, you did awesome J.J. You can learn quick." "Thanks. What time is it?" Seungri looks at his phone and his eyes popped open. "What?" "One we been practicing for three hours and two GD texts us to go to YG building in 20 minutes and now we got 10 minutes to get there " "We gotta go.. "NOW" we both said it at the same time."Put your seatbelt on. It will be a wild ride" I smile "Punch it boy"

GOOK "Yo, J.J." "Hey you guys. Did you all just got here?" WJ "Ya like a couple minutes ago. What's with the unexpected meeting" Seungri "I don't know, but GD does this to prepare you all from unexpected things that can happen in your future life's." MJ "You mean, this happens still to you guys.?" Seungri "Yup, sometimes a last minute plan or meeting will accour to us. GD may seem like a hard working bee, but he is gentle" GD "Yes I am"GD "Alright, I don't know if you all noticed. I had us keep you all low key from the public, till I give each of you a stage name. But Seungri as always can't keep it low key." Seungri "Whoops." He laughs. I put my head and cover my smile. GD "Seungri accidentally spit out J.J name to a stage in a club"GD "So me and the rest of the boys came together to come up with a stage name for all of you and expose you all to the public." YB "Well the times I've spend with Alex, he works hard with his vocals. I'm actually impressed with his effort and his dancing is good. The ladies will go nuts for his body. So I decided to call him A.X" ALEX "Wow, cool. I love it" DS "Uhh, I actually had hard time to figure out a stage name for him. But what about MinU" GD "Sounds good. What you think Min-jun?" MJ "I like it. Thank you Daesung" GD "For Woo-Jin, I got nothing. Sorry. But I like your name the way it is" GD laughs. WJ "Its all good." He smiles. GD "What about you TOP, have you thought about anything ?" TOP "I didn't. But should be cooked. " TOP laughs and so did everyone. GOOK "Not funny" Then he starts laughing. TOP "He is working on his attitude. But he fine with that name, sounds cute. The girls will like him" GOOK "Nice, ladies prepare yourselves" GD "Ohh boy. Seungri?" SR "J.J is fine with me. Anyways I can't change it if I already announced the name" GD shakes his name and smiles. "Alright everyone, tomorrow be at this address at 10am. Don't worry about clothing. We will choose your style for the pictures tomorrow" M5K "Pictures!!?" We all said the same time. GD "Whoa, yes pictures" he smiles "You guys will take a group picture and a picture with us. Those pictures will be exposed to the public with your names and the groups name." MJ "Wow, this is awsome!!" GOOK "Is this really happening?" TOP "Yes for a thousand times, this is happening to your life"TOP "Hey J.J, how was your .." he looks around "small date with Seungri?" *gasp* "Dude seriously, shut up. They will hear you. And we just ate and practice" "Sure, I bet" "Choi Seung-hyun, stop it" "Yes, mom"GD "alright everyone, go home and sleep early. I need you all wide awake tomorrow" M5K "Yes" We all bow and gather our stuff one by one everyone started leaving. "Hey J.J, I must go. I need to visit my mom. You need a ride home?" "I'm ok Seungri, I live close by. Go ahead. I'll see you tomorrow." "Sounds good. Can I pick you up in the am?" "Ok, sure. See you tomorrow"GD "Your still here?"*I'm alone... with him. I'm going to die, imma die. No No Ja-ni, hang in there.* "Sorry, I thought I was alone." "Me too, sorry for scaring you" "Its ok" "How come your not going home yet" "Well I wanted to practice the piano. Been since the competition that I played the piano. So I missed it. Plus music is what release my stress" "I see. Come one follow me" *Oh yes I will baby*

*Gasp* "Beautiful!""Sit down" "Ok""Do you know the song Baby goodnight?" "Yes, you want me to play it" "Yes. Maybe sing it together. I actually stayed to just get some time alone and released stress too with music, but since your also here for the same thing. let's do this together." "Alright. Let's begin.""J.J, You do have an amazing voice." "Thank you GD" *Imma die* "Your hungry?" "A little. You may go if you want" "Come one let's go together. My treat" "Ok.""Why so empty?" "Well I call ahead and told them that I will arrive here at this time to eat and to make sure is empty." "You was going to eat alone?" "I'm mostly alone. Sometimes with our busy schedule, is hard to have a group dinner with my members." *My poor baby* "Well let's eat together""So what's good in here?" "pork belly. I love meat." "me too, ok pork belly it is." "give us two servings please""how was the night with Seungri" "it was fun. A lot of fans." "That's good. He is popular at the clubs" " so are you. I've seen you jamming at the clubs" "ohh lord"*he is cooking for me,, shhh shhh Oh Ja-ni* "Is Seungri training you well?" "yes, he taught the dance Bang Bang Bang" "wait, you can't dance?" "sadly no., I don't. When I was going my parents only teach me music and play instruments . I always wanted to do dance ,but they told me that its a waste of time" "So your parents don't support you " "Well, now they don't. See I failed to enter in a college." "Why? How?" "That college and my parents are into classical music. And I kind a mix music from now these days with the classic. So they rejected me and deny my music. When I was coming back to Korea, my parents rejected me" "Sorry to hear that" "Its ok. Anyways I got things under control. Its been 5 yrs living on my own in America, I know I can do it here too" "Great. I'm glad you pushed yourself more""Its nice out" "your cold?" "no, I'm fine""you are cold. here take this""umm, thank you" " no problem. just stay warm, for me"*Oh Ja-ni, control yourself* "Here"*Shit! I can't drink* "Thank you""GD, or can I call you Jiyong?" "Don't matter" "Perfect, I must say this. You are one very handsome man. I fell in love with your music. Ever since I wanted to write and produce music like you and become someone great and become happy." "You will and thank you" "Your one talented man. And I love it""Sucks I'm a man though. If I was a woman, I would definitely kiss those lips""Jiyong?" "Hmm" "This is nice. To be able to feel free." "Yes it is" "I've been trapped all these five yrs in LA, but coming back was a good idea , look where I'm at" "hmm. what's the best part of being here" "Being with YG and also you" "me" GD smiles and raise an eyebrow. "Why me?" "Your just,,,," *sigh* "Perfect"*ohh that smile* "Your dangerous GD" "Why?" "You can hypnotize any men and women whoth that smile and those eyes." "What do you see"

Wait,, what just happened? A night out with GD What is happening?

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