Angel vs. Demon pt.2


Summary: You are a demon sent to the surface to collect souls, but the angel, Yixing, proves to make it a bit challenging.

Member: Yixing x Reader (appearances by other members and idols)

Type: Angst/drama/ demon!au/ angel!au

Length: 1,704 Words

You sat in the tree, staring out into the darkness. The familiar darkness comforted you. You liked the busyness of the city, but the silence and darkness added a feeling of the underworld. Now all you needed was the immense heat so well associated with the underworld. You looked up, pass the leaves of the tree, and out to the stars. You had never seen stars before. They were amazing. Like eyes, staring down from the dark abyss. The sound of the crickets and owls singing their songs was annoying. You wanted it to be completely silent. But there were no animals new you. They were at least ten feet away from you; knowing exactly what you were. After a moment or two of staring at nothing, you finally decided that it was a waste of time to just be there. That wasn’t the reason you were sent to the surface. You needed to prove yourself. You wanted to collect the souls as fast as possible and show your boss that you could do it. You needed to prove it to yourself that you were worthy of being on the surface.You twisted around, letting yourself drop from the branch towards the ground. You landed on all fours, unscathed and feeling feisty. You stood up straight and turned towards the city. Your human eyes needed to adjust momentarily from the darkness of the forest to the bright lights of the city. You snapped your fingers and zoomed back to the center of outskirts of the city. You had to admit, although it was strange to you, you were starting to enjoy the noise of the city. There were cars still bustling around, honking rudely at one another, skidding to avoid an accident, and speeding by as the drivers ignored the speed-limits. There were people yelling across the street to their friends, girls giggling as they stumbled out of bars, and boys cat-calling said drunk girls. You took in a deep breath. The air smelled of absolute sin. Sloth, greed, envy, pride, wrath, gluttony, and especially lust. That was your favorite after all. You walked into the city, absorbing the smell and excitement of the naïve humans. Everyone left on the streets were young, wild, and completely free. Free of any worries. Free of the fears that came with reality. Free of the knowledge to leave when things felt off. If they had that knowledge, there would be no one left on the streets while you were out. But it wasn’t like you were the only demon looking to play. You could feel them. They were all around you, wanting to join in your little games. Wanting to prove themselves, or reaping the winnings of the surface that they had already earned during their first visit. You looked around. You didn’t want to go anywhere that had other demons. You didn’t need any competition your first time up and out. Instead, you went straight towards the underground scene. Demons wouldn’t be there. Not with all the ‘hipsters’ flooding the scene. They needed to be in clubs, filled with drugs, drinking, and loud music to muffle to screams of victims. But that wasn’t how you saw it. You saw them as easy prey. You wanted a challenge. You wanted to test your own ability. You walked into the empty appearing brick building. You listened, your heightened scenes picking up on the low music that lulled from the ground beneath your feet. It didn’t take you long to find the doorway to the basement, and even less time to flirt your way past security. You smelled the several mixes of vaping flavors in the air. You stared at the several people, dancing as though on drugs, and smoking their vaporizing pens. You never understood the point of those. Why smoke evaporated air? At least with cigarettes, you could actually bring yourself closer to death while helping you relax. Wasn’t that the point in all of it? In living? To have fun before the inevitable? Why try and extend life? You asked yourself. The moment you entered the room, a boy managed to catch your eye and you caught his. He was short, with the face of a child, but the eyes of someone with wisdom. He was also muscular. Not too muscular, but enough that you could tell he could hold his own. You smiled at him, slowly approaching him. Unlike the other attendees, he was not using one of the mechanic smoke pens, and was merely seated at a lounge couch and drinking something. You started to walk towards him, but you were stopped. You turned, ready to tell off whoever dared touch you, but you stopped when you saw a man standing behind you. He held up two pills. One was red and one was blue. “You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” He told you in a low slurred voice. You didn’t understand the reference, but you grabbed the two pills. You figured they could come in handy when you needed them most.“Hey there.” You called out, not needing to speak that loudly since the music was more relaxing than it was loud. You knew it was purposeful since the ‘parties’ were looped off their asses on hallucinogens and psychedelics. You sat down on the couch beside the boy. He stared you up and down, already off on his own little trip. There was a bit of fear in his eyes as he stared at you. You had been wrong. You didn’t catch his attention for a good reason when you walked in. “Whoa, either these drugs are really strong, or you have horns.” He said in an amazed tone as his eyes widened. You quickly reached up to touch your forehead, worried that your glamour had worn off already and your true form was showing. But then you realized that it wasn’t you. It was the drugs that allowed this boy to begin and break down your disguise. You let out a sigh, realizing that there were only two ways this attempt could go. You leaned forward, staring the boy right in the eyes. You blinked, opening your eyes and allowing your golden eyes to be seen. You wanted to see exactly how he would react. You knew when he didn’t pull away that he was the right choice. “How about we get out of here? I can show you something way more fun.” You purred out the word ‘fun’ as you leaned even closer, placing your lips on his. The kiss was like fire, burning his lips in just the right way that left him wanting more. As the two of you left the ‘club’ you brought him to the newest alley. You pushed him up against the bricks of a nearby building. He looked at you with a mixture of fear and ecstasy on his face. Probably the exact drug he is on. You thought to yourself. “For the fun to begin, I need to just hear a few little words from you.” You informed him as you ground your body against his sensually. His shuttered breath was followed by a quick nod of the head. “I just need to hear that you, state your name, sell me your soul.” He opened his mouth, only too eager to say the words. “Minseok!” A voice yelled from the entrance of the alley. You knew the voice without having to turn. The same voice that had not only disrupted you once, not twice, but for the third fucking time. You rolled your eyes. “Quickly, finish the phrase.” You told the captured boy quickly. Now that you had the name, all you needed was the promise. You bore into his very tasty soul with your demon eyes. He shuddered under your gaze, but opened his mouth and his tongue rolled around in his mouth as he slurred out the words. “I sell you my soul.” He whispered before breaking out into a fit of laughter. You laughed along with him, leaning down to kiss him to seal the deal. You pulled away and grabbed him by the shoulders, tossing him onto the ground towards the angel. “Too late angel. He is all mine.” You told him in a superior voice. He stared at you with hatred in his eyes, something you couldn’t imagine an angel would be capable of. You tilted your head, staring at him in confusion for a moment. There was something about him that was so different from what you had imagined. It was bringing something different out of you as well. You stared down at the boy who you had just tricked and felt a knot in your stomach. “Interesting,” you whispered under your breath. You were about to snap your fingers and abandon the two, but in the blink of an eye, the angel, Yixing, was standing right in front of you. His hand gripped your wrist so tightly that you felt as though it would rip your human flesh. Your eyes widened, still in the same gold, cat-like form you had used to entice Minseok. Yixing stared down at you with serious, cold eyes. “You will leave the surface, or I will personally force you back to the underground. Have you ever wondered what happens to your soul when you die on the surface?” He asked in a deadly menacing voice. You could feel a tinge of fear in the pits of your stomach, replacing the knot that had been forming. But a stronger feeling than that began to form. You were intrigued. An angel, with a bad streak. You smiled at him, moving closer to him so your lips were right at his ears. He backed away slightly, a shiver coursing down his spine at your hot breath on his neck. “I would love to see you try.” You whispered before pulling back just enough to kiss him. Before he could react, you snapped your fingers and vanished from his grip.

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