miss A’s Suzy kisses Lee Hyun Jin on a bench

A TV commercial for a yogurt brand, in which miss A’s Suzy kisses handsome actor Lee Hyun Jin, is getting a lot of attention. In the commercial, Suzy is sitting with Lee on a bench at a bus stop, where cherry blossom leaves are falling. Suzy drinks a yogurt and Lee sees that she has a yogurt mustache and smiles at her. Then the two stars finally share a kiss. The commercial has received an explosive response from female fans. They are very excited by Lee and are calling him an icon of spring and the handsomest man. Lee previously appeared in a commercial for a coffee brand and captured the female fans’ hearts by portraying a sweet man. People responded: “His half moon smile captivated my heart.” “Lee is a female heart hunter. He already captured mine.” “I can’t wait for the release of Lee’s movie.” Source: TV Report Translated by korea.com

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