Yes Oppa pt2

You had everything planned for that night. Your parents were gone for business matters so you had the entire house to yourself for the weekend. You did some Google searches on loosing your virginity and what bdsm involved. You were kind of frightened by some of the things you had found, but you had already asked Yugyeom to come over so it was to little to late for your worries. You heard a knock at your door and you were surprisingly excited. All the times before you had been nervous, but now you were determined to show Yugyeom that being with you would be the best thing he ever did. You opened the door to see your tall and statuesque boyfriend ,at least you were sure you were dating now, standing in your door way with a sweet smile and open arms waiting for you. " hi Yugy." you said as you hugged him and buried your head into his chest " how's my baby?" he asked " I'm good, come in" you replied, "I have the entire night planned out so just sit back and have fun because I don't know how many times we'll be able to spend an entire weekend together." You had dinner cooking and he helped you finish. After dinner you had a few movie choices. Some horror, some romance, some action. You played around during the movies. Kissing and teasing. He kept on sucking at your neck which was your weakness and your drive to bring him up to your room and show him what you had prepared. The last movie rolled it's final credits and the sun had gone down so the entire house was dark "so.... what will the next movie be?" Yugyeom asked you pushed his hand away from the remote "I think there's going to be a showing upstairs in my room in five minutes. Let me go check if there are still some seats." you said with a wink and slid your way from off the couch to go to your bedroom. He laughed at how cheesy your exit line was and you laughed to yourself while still maintaining a sexy sway in your hips as you walked up the stairs. Once you got out of his view you ran into you room and threw off you clothes. You had purchased a lingerie set when you were 17 and could finally order things online with out your parents knowing what. You weren't exactly sure if it would still fit since certain parts of you body had grown since last year. It was a tad tight, but you thought the matching bra and panty set looked even better with your curvs trying to burst out of it. You messed your hair up a bit and slapped some more mascara on and added some red lipstick. You were going for a French mistress sort of look. You turned the lights in your room to just barely above dim and spritzed your room with you favorite perfume. You circled around your room for anything else you could do to make this moment more perfect since this was going to be the one and only time you were going to lose you virginity, and you were determined to actually follow through this time. You tossed a few clothes on your floor into your closet when you heard Yugyeom's footsteps start to creak up your stairs. You grabbed the highest heels you had and slipped them on then stood behind your open door. You saw his figure pass through crack of your door. Once he was fully in you room you shut the door from behind him to reveal yourslef. He turned around and a satisfied smile appeared. "you look-" "shhhh", you said as you walked towards him, " you don't need to tell me." You looped you hands behind his neck and pulled him into a kiss. Tongues moving against and with each other. You started to walk him backwards onto your bed. He fell backwards as you fell on top of him. Landing back into your kiss you felt his hands slip down to your ass and give you a light squeeze. You shifted your body lower on him so you could cause friction as you grinded on him. Deep muffled moans were escaping his mouth as you continued to make out with him. You pulled away from the kiss but kept your body closely hovered over his. Then you rolled yourslef up, slightly brushing you breast that were spilling out of your bra against his face. "ugh..ah fuck y/n." Yugyeom said. You ground your hips against his then went to unzip his pants. Without warning he flipped you over so that he was on top. "as hot as it is to see you take control I enjoy being the one to see you in torture." Yugyeom growled as his fingeres found their way to your pussy. He was rubbing you through your panties and your body was begging for more friction. Your body moved against his fingers and he just watched you squirming under him. He stopped to take off his shirt and pull off his pants which allowed you some time to catch your breath. He climbed back on top of you. He was still in his boxers and you were still in your lingerie. He pulled your legs to rest on either side of his hips and you tied your legs behind him. His rough hands held your hips in place as he ground his growing cock hard against your wet pussy. Throaty moans were escaping the both of you.

one hand left your hip and found its way around your throat. You did everything to keep yourslef calm and not freak out like you had the last time, but he was grinding against you harder and harder, which made his grip around your neck tighter and tighter. A tear started rolling down you cheek and then he let go. You gasped for air, but you were quickly cut off by Yugyeom's mouth back on to yours. " I can wait to fuck you." he said straight into you ear. Your whole body shuttered to his words. He tossed your body over with a strength you didn't think he had. You turned your head to the side and could barely see what he was doing in your peripheral vision. You felt him unhook your bra and rub his warm hands all across your bare back. It felt like a nice massage and you savored any moment he wasn't trying to choke you. You lifted your hips up when you felt him tug at your panties. With those slid off you threw your bra from underneath you, leaving you in just your heels and probably messy makeup. He kissed up and down your back then every few kisses he would land a hard smack on you bare ass. With every whimper that left your mouth he would get more turned on. Both of your cheeks were on fire and tears were starting to fall onto your sheets. "turn over." he demanded. You did and the feeling of your sore ass against your covers was something new to you. His boxers were now off and you almost died at how large he was. " oh fuck." You uttered. He smirked and grabbed his veiny dick and pumped it a few times. He brought his tip to the lips of your vagina. He slid it up and down your slit the same way he had done with his tongue the other night. He pulled away slightly and you watched in awe at the new wetness that glistened on his tip. He rubbed the head of his dick, spreading your slippery substance. He started positioning himslef at your hole and you braced yourself for how big he was and how much this was going to hurt. He pushed himself in, slowly, but not slow enough. You let out the breath you had been holding. You let out a whimper and he let out a grunt once he was completely inside you. There was no time for adjustment because he started pulling all the way out then shoving himself all the way back in. He picked up his pace a bit more, and it wasn't getting any easier for you. You placed one of you hands at his lower stomach to try to keep him from shoving his whole size into you.

this turned to be a bad idea, because he quickly took both of you wrist and held them above your head and he thrusted harder and faster into you. "ahh...fuck...mhhhh....shit." Words were just spilling from his mouth while you did everything you could to keep yourself from crying. "I don't hear any moaning, you want me to go faster?" Yugyeom asked you, you hesitated for a bit because you wanted him to go slower but you didn't want to be punished if you said the wrong thing. "y..yes ..Oo...Oppa." you struggled to say, and with that he started pounding into you. You knew your hips would be bruised the way he was slamming into you. " ahhh FUCK YUGYEOM." you screamed out of pain, but he took it as a good thing. He started sucking on your bouncing tits. He stuck his tongue out and let your nipple bounce against it. Then he let one hand go from your wrist and rubbed pleasuring circles on your clit. You were in a mix of pleasure and pain. He lifted himself from above you and sat back on his feet, pulling your pussy on to his dick while rubbing deep circles against your clit still. Your whimpers were turning into moans and you could tell by Yugyeom's urgency that he was getting close. His finger left you clit and he used both of his hands to pull your hips on to his thick cock as he thrusted into you. A few more thrusts and he pulled himself completely out of you and jacked himself until cumming on your stomach. His hand moved slower and slower on his dick. His finger found its way back on to your clit. He rubbed viciously until he sent you shuttering into your orgasm. Your entire body clenched then turned limp at the release of your climax. You laid there completely exhausted. Your breath was heavy, you hair was matted to your neck and forehead. Yugyeom sat still kneeled on the bed in front of you, trying to catch his breath. He smiled when you made eye contact then climbed over you to give you a hot sweaty kiss. He sat back down in his spot and you had no words for what had just happened. He climbed off the bed and held your limp hand that was flung off the side of the bed. "come on. Let's get you cleaned up and off to bed." He pulled you off your messy covers and you walked to the shower with the little strengh you had left. Yugyeom washed himself and you in the cold shower. Kissing you and you kissing back under the refreshing stream. Once you were back in bed. Yugyeom cuddled up behind you and you slept the deepest sleep you had in a long time. When you woke up the next morning everything hurt. You walked into the bathroom and saw all the evidence of the night before scattered all over your body. Dark red hickeys on your neck, You hips had bruises and both of you ass cheeks still had red hand prints on them. Yes you were in pain, but when you closed your eyes and thought about the way he kissed down your back, the lust he had in his eyes, and when he made you cum, it made all the pain kind of worth it. Plus you had never wanted to be with someone more than how much you wanted to be with Yugyeom. You walked downstairs into your kitchen where you found Yugyeom making a bowl of cereal for you and him. " there's my sleeping beauty." Yugyeom said. He walked over to you and held your jaw in his hand before he gave you a sweet peck on the lips. "I've cooked us breakfast." he said " haha I don't think 'cooked' is the correct word for making cereal." you laughed, "but thank you anyways." You ate quietly while scrolling through your phone and you kept catching Yugyeom watching you. "WHAT?" you finally asked " nothing....just...last night was great. Honestly you did great." He grabbed your hand and rubbed his thumb over you knuckles. " I'm proud of you and happy as hell that I can call you my girlfriend." You couldn't hold back the smile that lit up your face " and I couldn't think of anyone else I would want to be my boyfriend." you said to him. You leaned over the table to kiss him. ***I was hoping this would only be a two part thing, but now I'm thinking three or four, so please stay tuned. And visit my page for part one if you missed it, just titled Yes Oppa*** and if you want or don't want to be tagged please comment & I'll just keep the same tags for the rest of the fics I write@PliaVaj@luna1171@merryjane13 @ SusiBosshammer@tinafalcon22@DeniseiaGardner@kpopdeluxgirl@KaeliShearer

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