Teen Top holds an inauguration ceremony for its fan club

Teen Top has revealed a self-portrait on the day of its fan club’s inauguration. On May 28, L. Joe uploaded a picture on the group’s Me2day account and commented, “Today we are holding an inauguration ceremony for our first fan club, called Angel. Yoohoo! Here’s Ricky next to me pretending to be all that lol.” In the picture, he is smiling warmly while Ricky is pretending to be “all that,” just like he mentioned. Their different poses create a contrasting atmosphere, and Ricky’s black-and-white costume draws particular attention with its distinctive design. Netizens who saw the posting commented: “They look cute.” “I really wanted to participate in the event with you… :( ” “You all look gorgeous.” “Ricky oppa rocks!” The Teen Top fan club’s inauguration ceremony was held at 4:00 p.m. on the 28thin the auditorium of Yonsei University. The group spent time with their fans at the ceremony. Source: TV Report Translated by korea.com

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