Steam Achievement So Bonkers, Only One Dude Has It

The pursuit of achievements is one of the goals at the forefront of every modern gamer's mind. Ever since achievements were made into tangible rewards on the original Xbox, gamers and game devs alike have been keen on these things.

Some games have weird achievements thrown in for completing random but cool actions. Other games have the achievements laid out in a linear way, just for completing the game.

Then, some achievements recognize the title, and take the mantle seriously. These achievements push you to actually achieve something significant. They make you fight tooth and nail for. Some, like the platinum trophy in Metal Gear Solid 4, require that you beat the whole game multiple times.

Some just ask that you survive the game.

This right here is the video of youtuber DraQu playing a game called Devil Daggers. I honestly hadn't heard about the game until hearing that it only has a single achievement on Steam; survive for 500 seconds.

The game kind of reminds me of games like Wolfenstein or Doom, if just for the polygonal projectiles and dark hues of reds. And the fear that settles into my heart just from watching him try to survive for 8 minutes

Well, no one had been able to crack that pesky achievement until DraQu did, somehow surviving 500 seconds of the infernal horde of enemies and stepping into place at the top of the game's leaderboards.

Surely after seeing this video, others will be encouraged to climb to these heights as well, but for now, DraQu is king.

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