Kylie's Lip Kit Swatches On Brown Skin

The one thing about makeup is that it may look one way on one person and totally different on the next, especially when it comes to complexion. As much as we all love Kylie's color choices for her lip kit, we have yet to see the shades on anyone except herself. It would be nice if makeup brands sometimes took into consideration the fact that everyone is not a pale or olive complexion.

With that being said, I stumbled across a video of a YouTuber who happens to have a bit more melanin than Kylie to show those with darker skin tones how Kylie's lip kit shades would look on them. If you happen to be brown skin and love one or all of the shades in the lip kit -- keep scrolling to see just how fabulous they would look on you.

Could you see yourself wearing any of these colors?


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