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Hello, Minna-san! So, I am sending out a call for all y'all, for your help in transcribing a quote from Gildarts in Fairy Tail. I'm fairly sure most of you know what quote I'm getting at, but it's the one from Gildarts during the S-Class Wizard Test, where he faces Natsu. "Fear is not weakness. It teaches you what your weaknesses are. And once you know your weaknesses you can become stronger as well as kinder"

Ok, so now you know where I'm talking about, so here is the conundrum. I have loved this quote since I first heard it. It spoke to me and echoed to my bones, given the fear and terror I've been through in my past. It so beautifully encompasses that about myself, and it embodies my feelings on the subject so wonderfully. So, here's the gist: I want to get a tattoo of this quote, but I want it in Japanese kanji and hiragana. This will preserve the intent and full meaning behind the quote, not the various ways it can be translated back and forth. I want the exact wording of what he says, not a re-translation from the English sub back to Japanese. However, I cannot find anywhere where there are Japanese subtitles for that scene. I have gone over and over the scene, writing down the romanji of what I think he says, but I'm not sure whether I 'm getting it right.


So, here's where I hope you guys can help me out! If anyone is fluent in Japanese and so can just listen to what he says and write it out in hiragana or romanji, or if anyone wants to re-watch the scene and write down the sounds you think he says, that would be fantastic!


Here's what I have already:

Kyofuku ha akade ha nai

Sore ha onore mo yowasa shire to yotoku da

Yowasa shire wa hito wa sugoku no yasashiku no nareru.

I hoping that by pooling all of our talents and Otakuness, we can come up with a well worded Japanese version of this quote!!!

Onegaishimasu, and Arigato Gozaimasu, Nakama!!

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