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Have you ever wondered, "if someone in my town had a new strain of smallpox, how fast would that virus spread?" Oh, you have? Well Ubisoft has just the thing for you! In one of the weirdest marketing moves ever, they created a web-thingy that'll calculate how fast a virus will spread across the globe and shut down all of society.

Doesn't that sound great?

What do you mean? It's not absolutely terrifying or scary. And no, it's not going to keep me up at night hoping that something like this never happens. I'm not going to be absolutely scared for the rest of my life that a sickness can take down an entire civilization, what do you mean?

It's all in fun! It's all video games! Who's going to take anything like this seriously? Children that's who! Anyone who thinks that the greatest country in the world (THE UNITED STATES) can be taken down by a sneeze and cough, well, you must be some kind of weird! You're probably the most un-American person in the history of America!

No vidja game is gonna get me all scared up the waazoo! I'm a real man's man. I'll take that cough and punch it right in it's yellow belly! Sickness can't fight like a man! So I don't respect it! Sickness is trying to take my legal right to write dumb jokes on the Internet away in my free time? Well, I'll fight it right back to HELL!

but if you want to scare yourself sleepless, you can try out the end of society simulator here

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