Testerkorea Beauty Discount Rate/FREE K-pop Cards

Testerkorea sent me the discount rates of all the eligible brands this morning. Ordering through me (distributor) you will be able to receive these discounts listed in the photo! I am currently adding all eligible products to our website under our "K-Beauty" sub-section called "Product Shop".

Shipping is $4 no matter what country you live in or how much product you buy. Buying straight through TK, they charge shipping based on your country and also how heavy the package (The more product you buy, the more heavier the package, the more shipping will be) Follow my snapchat (reecee_kpop) I have been having a Q&A session all afternoon with buyers so follow if you plan to become a potential buyer. ^.^ I've answered SO MANY questions already so instead of asking here or on facebook and waiting for a reply from me..follow my snapchat because I am sure I have answered your question already lol.

Payments will be made through paypal. The store will officially open on Saturday, February 27th. More details coming soon! Those who order directly from me will also receive a FREE Kpop Card

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