Chapter 1: Court

On a rainy day in Korea, Wu YiFan walked out of the airport after a long flight from Canada. He hadn't returned to Korea since he filed a lawsuit to terminate his contract with SM in May of 2014. Kris was thinking to himself "Well, looks like I'm back in Korea" He sighed thinking about the memories he had with EXO and his ex-boyfriend Tao. When Tao heard that Kris filed a lawsuit he wasn't happy. Tao was furious with Kris. Tao didn't want to be with a quitter so he broke up with Kris and started dating Baekhyun. All the members were mad at Kris, except for one. Chanyeol wasn't mad at Kris for filing. He knew what Kris had gone through with SM and what they did and how they treated him. He supported Kris in what he choose to do. Kris shook his head trying to forget those memories. He put a serious face on and started going to where he had to go. In a court room in Seoul South Korea Lee Soo-man the CEO of SM Entertainment is waiting for Kris "Where is that piece of shit?" Soo-man said while having an angry expression on his face. A few minutes later Kris walked in with a not so happy face. Kris really didn't want to be there. When Soo-man saw Kris he stood up "You're late" Soo-man told Kris who was glaring "Since when is that a surprise?" Kris said with a smirk. Soon the court session started when Judge Kyuhyun came out from the back. The first to speak was Kris's lawyer, Wang Jackson, "Your honor, Mr.YiFan filed a lawsuit to terminate his contract with SM in May of 2014 but many want to know why. From what Mr.YiFan told me, Lee Soo-man treated Yifan like he was nobody. When YiFan was either sick or injured Soo-man would still have continue with his schedule without letting him rest" Wang Jackson said while looking at the judge but just then Soo-man stood up, "I would never do such a thing! I care about my idols!" Soo-man was furious. Judge Kyuhyun stood, "I will be back to decide the final decision" YiFan and Soo-man watched the judge leave and they gave a glare at each other. After 30 minutes of waiting Judge Kyuhyun returned with the final decision. He looked up from his paper, "The decision has been made. Lee Soo-man has won the lawsuit against Wu YiFan, however because LeeSoo-man has won the lawsuit Wu YiFan must return to EXO until the groups contract is over." Hearing this Kris shot right up, "I HAVE TO WHAT?!" To be continued... I finished the first chapter of my fanfiction. I don't think it's very good, but tell me your opinions. Tagging the people who were interested @DestinaByrd@GriseldaZenger@JohnEvans@RedChord@KiinLyr@AaliyahNewbell@AbbyRamey@ninjamidori

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