Austin Creed's Hot Pepper Game Review is Ridiculous

If you haven't heard of Hot Pepper Gaming, the premise is simply. They get YouTube people (or any people) to review a video game after eating an insanely hot pepper. It usually results in a lot of screaming that the pepper is super hot and a barely understandable review of a video game.

I usually wouldn't write a card solely based on one of their episodes but after Austin Creed's (also known as WWE Super Star Xavier Woods) Hot Pepper Game Review showed up on my recommended videos list on YouTube, I just had to watch it to see what happens. If you didn't know, other than being a professional wrestler and a student going for his PhD, Austin Creed runs a YouTube channel where he plays a ton of Street Fighter against his co-workers.

So it makes perfect sense to have Creed review this game after eating something terribly hot. But what doesn't make sense is what happens after he reviews Street Fighter V.

Most Hot Pepper Game Reviews I've seen have the guest host crying for milk as soon as their review is over. But not Austin Creed, no way. He ends up eating two more peppers and reviewing two more games. And not even relevant or recent games either. He just reviews two games that he loves (at least I think he loves them, I can't really tell since he's freaking out the whole time about the spice in his mouth).

I've got to say though, it's one of the more ridiculous Hot Pepper reviews that I've seen. I also found myself laughing more at this particular review more than any other episode I've seen in the past. It's probably because Austin Creed has a lot of charisma (I'm guessing you'd need to if you're on live television almost every week) and I generally think he's a pretty funny guy without having eaten 3 peppers before hand.

There's a pretty large part of me that's glad I'm not some kind of Internet personality because I would absolutely hate being asked to do this. I know, I could say no, I don't like spicy spice foods but knowing me and my personality, I'd probably just say yes because I hate saying no to things.

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