{Harem Madness} {Waifu Wednesday} WAIFUS #6 AND #7 NAGATO AND MUTSU From Kancolle

I absolutely thought Kancolle was an awesome Anime to watch and after watching the 3rd Episode these two became one of my Favorite Ships within the Show so I thought, "Hey Why Add these Hotties to my Already Chaotic Harem!"

Nagato Serves as the Admiral's Secretary Ship with Mutsu serving alongside her. She's always calm and collected and always carries a serious, domineering air about wherever she goes, making sure the other fleet girls abide be the Navy's rules. She exudes great pride in herself as one of the "Big Seven" Ships of the Navy, but isn't as unsympathetic some people think. She feigns Ignorance when the other fleet girls disobeys her orders. Nagato is often the one in charge of issuing orders to the and has a very keen understanding of the Admiral's intentions even when the Admiral was missing and left behind. Nagato is only seen in battle once, demonstrating Incredible firepower and even dropkicking an oncoming Abyssal, during final battle against the Midway Princess. She is the only other fleet girl that uses a physical attack to destroy a Midway Abyssal along with Mutsu. Nagato is also shown to have a fondness for cute little animals, when she sees a cute animal it's almost like her serious demeanor completely disappears. I like that the most about her! Lmao

Mutsu is almost never seen alone in Kancolle. She serves alongside Nagato. She is usually seen comforting Nagato when she is overwhelmed. As the Anime progresses she has alot more screen time with Nagato. She uses her screen time to repeatedly undo Nagato's Cool and Collected personality and just tease her. She repeatedly flirts with Nagato and she even went as far to call Nagato, "Mine", and she is Jealous of the Admiral. She has openly admitted that she loves Nagato and she must Remain by her side.

These Two Ladies are absolutely sexy. Who wouldn't want Two Battleships I mean come on look at them! Not to mention the Kids Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi and Inazuma Love them. What do you guys think of them?@ShinigamiSan@Aimebolanos@InVinsybll@hikaymm@CraigNess@Alcides13

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