10 Latino Foods You'll Find in Little Havana

Little Havana is a Latin-centric neighborhood in Miami, Florida. The neighborhood is mostly made up of Cuban immigrants or Cuban-Americans, but you might find a sprinkle of other groups from Central and South America.

Doesn't matter where you or your family comes from, if you live in Little Havana, there are some foods you're going to eat on a regular basis just because you live there. (BUT I AM TOTALLY NOT COMPLAINING).

Although the Cuban cuisine is popular in Little Havana, you can find other popular foods from Nicaragua, Colombia, and different islands in the Caribbean.

1) Fried Yuca

2) Cuban Toast

3) Arepas

4) Carne Asada

5) Empanadas

6) Mango

7) Plantains

8) Cuban Sandwich

9) Pastelitos

10) Coconuts

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