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Hinata Hyuga from Naruto (Shippuden)!! c:< WARNING: BIG PARAGRAPH AHEAD She is literally one of my favorite lady characters in the anime and plus, I just finished watching (except for the few last fillers) anime! Of course, the anime was STILL ongoing. That was when I finally read the manga. I used to watch Naruto all the time when I was little but I finally finished watching it! ⌒(=๏ x ๏=)⌒ My first inpression of Hinata in Naruto (first season) was that she was kawaii and gentle looking. She was very kind and supportively helpful towards her team mates Shino and Kiba and his pal; Akamaru! (。・ω・。) It was really obvious she admired and overall LIKED Naruto. She's just so damn cute when she cheers for Naruto during the time where Naruto had to do the Clone Technique. cx And when Hinata was battling with Neiji in the Chunin Exam, Naruto inspired her and was motivated by him. He was her ideal role model. And that's what made her stronger. Her way of Ninja. In Naruto (Shippuden), everyone was grown and have finally matured. Well, not all of them! When Naruto came back from his training with Jiraiya (the f*cking feels ;-;), when Naruto met with Shino, Kiba and Akamaru, and Hinata, they all haven't changed at all! Hinata's feelings for Naruto was truly pure and real. She cared for him and supported him, too. She has gotten really cute and moreover, BEAUTIFUL! Even the ladies! ;) Even the guys looked handsome (Kakashi is still has the same IDGAF face character xD)!! Okay, when the battle with Pain v.s Naruto, Hinata faced Pain himself to save Naruto. Unfortunately, it got worse. Thanks to Pain, Naruto snapped and gone beast mode over Hinata and ripped him to shrivels. Lol, not exactly after what he's done to Pain with his hilariously ridiculous expression during their chaotic battle when Naruto was taken over by the Kyuubi; Kurama. Hinata just wanted to save Naruto and did her best on trying. ╥﹏╥ I just love how Naruto also cared for her (even though she's pretty gloomy to him), they're all there for him and are his nakama. That's why Hinata admired him— friendships and love— so she was inspired. She never really cared about who thought about him in a negative way, she loved him for who he was and what he's done for her. Love at first sight..? Anyways, Hinata was following him and finally caught up with him in the end. They got married few years later (I NEED TO WATCH ALL THE MOVIES FIRST IN ORDER TO WATCH BORUTO, CHANDARŌŌ ಠ ロ ಠ). Then there's Boruto and his little sister Himawari! I just love them all so much! Especially Kurama and everyone else that supports him including his nakama! #GoPOWERofFRIENDSHIP !!! XD

KAWAII ;3; The last one was unnecessary! xD There was a frigging sex scene while looking through images... Kinda caught myself saving the dirty ones, too... ;-; So, I got turned on! xD THE ART STYLE !! XD

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