Chapter 3 pt.2 (unedited)

Mei's POV

My gut tells me it's the Phantom Troupe following. Maybe I should go check it out.

I slowly start creeping toward the alleyway.

If someone really was following me, then the only place to go would be the alleyway.

I narrowed my eyes at the thought. I stopped in my tracks,

If I go after whoever's following me, the probability of me fighting them is a 95% chance. It's better to just back away and leave it... For now.

I turn around and head toward the bakery. I walk in the white store to see Takahiro-san at the counter, helping a woman and her child pick out some pastries. The front had a beautiful bay window with sign at the top of the store that says: Takahiro's Baked Goods. The smell of pastries fills the air as I stepped into the shop. There were small tables near the windows that lined the shop and displays near the counter with freshly baked goods. It was only me and Takahiro-san that worked here. Above the bakery is his apartment, where his wife and two kids are staying. Occasionally, from time to time, I'll also babysit for them. When Takahiro-san goes on missions, him being a Gourmet Hunter and all, Akiko-san and I will watch the shop.

"Konnichiwa, Takahiro-san! Where's Aya-san and the kids?"

"Konnichiwa, Mei-chan! They went to the park for the rest of the afternoon."

"Ok. Do we have any orders you want me to take care of?"

"Yeah we need a cake for a women's gathering. Design it however you think is appropriate. Get started on that and I'll be upstairs working out the financial details of this month."

After he told me that he went upstairs and went into the kitchen, grabbed an apron and got to work. I brought out my headphones again and started listening to Shatter Me by _______ (nightcore version). I have a habit of listening to music while I work. I brought out the ingredients to make the cake and frosting and got to work.

~Time Skip cause I can!~

The cake is now finished and I've already the frosting. I coated the whole two layered cake with white frosting and let that harden. I had sketched what kind of design I wanted while the cake was baking. I designed the cake with pink flowers around the cake with light green stems. At the top of the cake I put small edible flowers at the top. As I was putting the finishing touch ups on the cake, I could almost slightly feel someone's presence. I put down the frosting and walked out if the kitchen. As I started getting further from the kitchen, I could feel the presence grown stronger. I stared at the door and could feel the pressure grow stronger.

This has to be from the Phantom Troupe. I can tell they'd been following me since I left the flower shop.

I get to the bottom of the steps and yell to Takahiro-san,

"I'm stepping outside for a second! I should be back in five minutes!"


I throw off my apron and open the door. I could feel the presence coming from around the corner near the alleyway from earlier. I slowly make my way over to the corner.

Shalnark’s POV

"Yeah boss? Ok. Got it. I'll let him know."

I had sent Pakunoda, Nobunaga and Uvogin back to base. I don't think it'll take five of us to watch a thirteen year old.

"What did the boss say?" Feitan asked.

"He said if we get any more new updates about her Nen abilities then we are to bring her back to boss."

"Oh man. I didn't think following her around would be so boring."

"Oh. So she peaked your interest too?"

"Yeah. I'm really curious to know her Nen abilities other than that horrible scream."

"Hey. Look. She's leaving the bakery. It just reached sunset. It's getting dark soon. Where else does she have to go?"

"She looks disturbed by something. Did you sense anyone else's presence?"

"No I haven't gotten anything."

"Something doesn't feel right. Let's follow her and see what happens. We need her alive for Chrollo."

After saying that, Feitan and I followed her from the rooftops.

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