Go'ing'fer Him Part 2

Your flight got in the night before around 10 pm. Between gathering luggage, renting cars, and checking into the hotel, you get maybe 2 hours of sleep. It promises to be a very long day, with very short tempers from all of the US crew. However, there is a deadline for the M/V so that promos can start and be released a month before comeback. This means catching the only flight that gets you there before you are required to be. Your first stop is the catering truck to start the multiple coffee orders before the crew starts requesting them. Every good gofer’s creed is anticipation. Know what they want, before they want it so that wait time is as close to nil as possible.

The idols would start arriving around 5:30 am which gives everyone an hour and a half to set up all the equipment, double check wardrobe, sound, and props. This is when you run the fastest, when everyone suddenly figures out what they forgot to bring either from the hotel or the US. The hotel was easy if they all remembered at the same time so there aren’t multiple trips. Items from the states would have to wait until a few shops opened for the day. Hopefully, everyone had done triple checks when loading equipment because as of last night, none of the crew were missing luggage.

Around 5:15 am, a production assistant comes running up wanting to get started on the coffee for the idol members. Most idols lived off coffee during tight schedules, there are only a few that preferred tea. The catering truck was quick and efficient, they had everything ready so that when the idols started wandering in, you were able to hand each of them their preferred caffeine.

To say you didn’t fan girl when they started showing up would be a lie. Even though you were jet lagged, beyond exhausted, and running around wild, there was no way to deny the little jump your heart did upon seeing each one of them. Some came in sleep tousled and without make up, others came ready to get started. Their entourage went to work immediately putting some with make-up and hair, others went straight over to wardrobe. Call sheets had been handed out on arrival showing which scenes were being shot today and who would be needed when. The concept was a compilation of their older videos. However, for a fresher feel and slight twist, you are reshooting everything live instead of simply cut and pasting on the production room floor.

Your coffee has grown cold but considering it was your 3rd in 2 hours, you decide you can do without some for a bit. They are starting with scenes from Without U. Large heaters have been rolled into the warehouse and the ‘rain’ is going to be pumped from large heated tanks. You find out your job will be towels, water bottles, and repeated dry t-shirts.

A few of the production assistants come over offering to assist you; they’ve been flirting constantly since the group arrived. Thankfully, their bosses have other items for them to attend to and you are left blissfully alone. There is nothing worse than fangirling females during work hours; those who drool and fall all over the idols when there is a schedule to hold to. You can do this, you are a professional and more than anything, you know how much the group hates amateurs . After each scene you pass out towels, then dry t-shirts. They seemed to change shirts faster than you can pick up the wet towels and wet t-shirts. Darn, you were hoping this job would allow you to see chocolate abs in person. You sigh, fantasies it appears will still be the order of the day. After 3 hours of recycling dry for wet towels and t-shirts you honestly didn’t care if you ever saw another wet male body; well not for the next hour anyway.

Lunchtime finally arrives and you can see the crew starting to wilt from the already long day. Instead of eating, bodies can be seen in chairs and all over the floors sound asleep. You wish you could fall asleep that fast, power naps would be really helpful in this line of work. The idols and their crew are over in a section by themselves, laughing and enjoying their lunch. How nice it would be, you muse to yourself, to be awake enough to have energy to laugh. Tomorrow you decide, tomorrow will be better because you intend to skip dinner in order to sleep as long as possible tonight. Speaking of food, you drag your tired self over to the catering table. Food is energy and energy is what you need to stay awake until the end of today’s shoot. Somewhere behind you the sound guy turns on the 2PM Grown album. You roll your eyes as you realize they are going to put everyone else to sleep since the album mostly is slow songs.

You meander over to the sound guy, nonchalantly flip through his 2PM cd’s sitting out. You hand him the GO CRAZY cd and ask him to switch them out. He looks at you weird, but shrugs and swaps them out. It doesn’t matter how tired you are, you can sing KPOP in your sleep, heck your body might even do sleep dancing without you knowing it. You wander over to an empty corner, slide to sitting with your back up against the wall. With your eyes closed you quietly start singing along, “Ani michingeo aniya…crazy! Go crazy!”

Sounds stages are noisy with people wandering around, you don’t pay any attention to the sound of footsteps or the fact that they’ve suddenly stopped. However, your eyes fly open when someone standing next to you suddenly yells, “FOUND HER!”

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