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But anyways I don't know why but I had the weirdest dream at first I was dreaming I was rap monster I was at school with all the other members right but than when I feel asleep in class I woke up with my mom an we where at Las Vegas I tried to pull her with me to find my family and everyone else than for some strange reason we enter a tunnel to which I became V sister an we were going somewhere were there like zombie right but some how I ended tagging along with this lady an I started crying because I couldn't claim up the mountain hill thing it's weird because it was like a caged up steep hill kinda like a tunnel but a fans up tunnel anyways we were trying to find a way out but I couldn't get up that when a man appear an help me get up with the lady the guy ended take my bike an I cried the lady told me it's okay we open a hole in the ground to find a passage way to which a whole grip of zombie were at some how we ended up looking for the zombies like things that when the rest of the people who were with us an came along too than next thing you know we were leaving an walk into this weird small cottage house and the lady was V mom an mine but I wasn't me I was someone else an we had a little sister when we all got to leave a Teenage girl told me she lost my exit pass I got scared so she told me go out the back so I did when I ran back to the front of the house V an our mom waited for me Somehow this was a game and the teenage girl was blind she was taking care of her grandmother but she was dying so her younger sister who is also blind was going to help Jimin ask them if its just happens as the get older or where they born with it an if their both blind they both laugh an show their hands that had these white tattoos on them like the Indian have and saying it's curse that allow them to speak to the dead but they aren't allow to see the living either a curse their born with they turn an look at me I got scared and got in the car but then again i which again i was Rap monster and V sister sat in the passenger seat next to V who was driving an me an his mom sat besides the baby we all yell at the dad to get in because we really wanted to leave. I wanted to go home and see my mom really bad but V got scared because we notice zombie getting out but everyone seem clam an V dad grab the Baby sister an V drove off I yell at him to go back because that the baby He was to scares and kept draving until we ended up in a abandon Elementary school I took control of the wheel (note I'm still rap monster ) an drove forward but I stopped I got scared because their was kids dead one walking out of the class I didn't want to die i ended up crying that when his mom took the wheel as I Hug V an said it's okay their not Real V their Not gonna Hurt you I'll protect you as we entered the Tunnel I cried an called for my Mom hoping that they stop the video game an wake me up but they didn't because it wasn't a game it was real so I hid my face in between V neck an Cry with him I didn't know what to do I keep say omma omma that I literally woke up saying Omma it was weird an scary af never again (-_-)

I don't know why I had that dream but I'm Never go into a cottage house with a blind lady an her grandmother especially in a tunnel nope never lol

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