I Don't Know Why I Still Watch Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf

Jeff Davis

I've been watching this show since it came out in 2011, because my partner had gotten into it and roped me into watching it with her. She has since given up on watching this show, for many reasons.

I haven't yet, though I really don't know why I still like this show. There's a bunch of reasons not to.

(This card contains spoilers)


Scott's True Alpha Power

In the end of Season 3 we got to see some true badassery from our hero Scott McCall. He managed to supercede the bounds of his status as a beta werewolf and rise to the level of an Alpha. Not just any alpha, at that. A 'True Alpha' or one who rose to the position without killing another alpha.

With his newfound power he's able to defeat the pack of alphas and save the day. He even does a few cool things with it in season 4.

However, Jeff Davis very much wants us to believe this is a cool and powerful thing for Scott to be, then he makes sure we never get evidence of it. Like, he manages to beat a pack of alphas. Then he gets his ass kicked left and right by berserkers and a nogitsune. It's a consistency thing for me. I get that it would be boring to have a protagonist that's too powerful and wins too easily, but damn, why does he keep getting beat up so bad?

It's even worse this current season! Scott got his ass handed to him BY HIS OWN BETA. They worked in that he'd been being poisoned consistently, but still, there was too little time between him making a beta and then having that beta kill him.

The Writing

There are so many moments in the writing that I hate, as someone who fancies themselves a writer/screenwriter. For the sake of brevity I'm focusing on one recent gem.

I wanted to find a picture of the script but it proved too difficult. Specifically the script from S5E17 "A Credible Threat". There was a moment in that episode where the writing fell almost deliberately flat.

Deputy Parrish, before going into that weird hellhound icebox, was getting some context about 'The Beast' from Gerard Argent (who is back because reasons). Ultimately, Gerard says that the teenage chimera who is the host for the Beast will ultimately be transformed into the original man who was the original beast. Like, the teen will no longer exist as a result of this transformation.

Parrish, who is somehow the sanest person in the room, asks how that is even possible. Something the viewer should also be asking.

The response is literal silence, as Gerard and Lydia suddenly search for their navels. Parrish then dismisses it by saying 'forget I asked', which implies that he read the silence as being something so ominous and terrible that they don't want to say it. Instead it read as 'there is no plausible way to explain that concept so just take this silence as tension, please'.

The Representation

I can admit that Teen Wolf did have a good start in terms of the diversity in its cast. It was promising. Then they pretty quickly killed off Boyd and Erica in the dumbest possible ways. You could say that the actors left to pursue other work, but when the same thing happened with Colton Haynes, they wrote his character off to England, leaving it open on a narrative level for him to return.

They also introduce Braeden at the beginning of S3, duck around her for a while, bring her back to be Derek Hale's love interest, then drop her again until just recently. While in the meantime, they had the alpha twins as regular characters and also introduced Liam and Theo as two more angular white boys to fill the ranks.

And where the hell is Danny? My beautiful chiseled adonis. He's still a character, right? Hard to say, since he hasn't been around either. Deaton too for that matter, though he's been faring far better than Danny.

Don't even get me started on what's happening right now with Mason.

For all these gripes (and more that I'm too tired or dumb to think about right now) I wonder how I still manage to keep watching this god forsaken program. Yet, I do. I do watch it, in the hopes that the dreams I had for what the show could be might still be.

Just, get it together. Stop making Scott such a wimp, start writing explanations for things even if they're outlandish, and stop casting the same white boy in a million roles. And bring back Danny. Make him a werewolf if you have to.

Vin. New York born and bred. Big fan of stories in every form- oral, written, televised or otherwise. I like to hear great stories as well as tell good ones.
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