JACKSON WANG (I'm Super Duper Sorry)

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I'm so sorry that I have not updated on the Jackson story. I have not forgotten about it. At first I had writers block but then my phone ended up breaking so I couldn't get online, I have a dinosaur phone at the moment. Then I started working on my internship then the EXO concert came up, WHICH WAS AMAZING LIKE OH MY GOOD WAY MORE BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON!!! Anyways so after the concert I went back to work, the internship, and it's my first time having a job so working from 8:30-6:00 leaves me exhausted. I have weekends off but my parents bought a duplex so I have to help remodel but I'm hoping that I will have time to finish up and post Part 11 this weekend because it's seriously killing me knowing that I haven't finished it. Plus since I'm no longer at school I have 0 time to sit down and write it out and plan it really well.

OH then this morning my account on my desktop locked so I shut it down, the computer, and I haven't tried if it opens up so I'm posting from my tablet which I hate since it doesn't highlight if I misspelt a word. I'm hoping my account opens because I just transferred my EXO footage onto there and deleted the videos from my tablet last night.

BUT I will try my hardest to finish part 11. What sucks about work is that I get home so tired that I don't have time to watch Dramas anymore.

Have a wonderful night or day depends when you read this.

These are the photos that I took at the concert what really sucks balls was that I took my camera with me to Dallas but left it at the hotel because MMT had posted that cameras weren't allowed weeks before the concert then the day after the concert I find out that you were able to take photos just not videos and it couldn't be a professional camera, I have a simple camera. So since my phone is broken and I have a cheap ass phone I didn't see the update. I wanted to cry because I could've taken photos of D.O., Xiumin, Chen, and the others. Anyways I'm the one in black and the person next to me is my 26 year old non-kpopper sister. I'm 18 but I've been told that I look older, but I'm glad my sister went because while I fangirled she secretly took videos. Funny thing is now she has some EXO songs on her playlist and she finds Sehun cute.

BOTTOM LINE I'm hoping to get part 11 done by this weekend I'll probably make part 11 a 2 part thing since it's the last part before the look into the future.




Evidence to show that I am trying to work on the stories lol

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