Love at first rap

YG: hey G-dragon come here I got a task for you G-dragona task? Aish I wonder what he's gonna have me do now (G-dragon though to himself). Yes sir what is that you want me to do? YG: I thought it would be a good idea for the group to have a new rapper and I want you to go out looking for someone who will make the group even better. G-dragon: okay I will do it just give me a while to look around and I promise I'll get someone who will blow your minds away. Later that night G-dragon goes around looking for rappers but so far he's not having any luck G-dragon: fuck man why am I having a hard time finding someone...maybe I should try some Underground rappers...ah I know where to go G-dragon goes to a underground rap club that his find told him about A few years back This place is my only hope I better find someone who is gonna rip this damn mic apart G-dragon said under his breath. He opens the door and stand in the back to watch the rappers battle each other. Announcer: alright alright ya you ready to give this shit pumpin Crowd screams hell yeah!!!! Announcer: okay that's what I thought now ladies and gentlemen come out to the stage please give a warm welcome to our top notch rapper T.O.P G-dragon: top notch huh? We'll see about that. About 2 hours after T.O.P gets done with his songs he bust out with a crazy freestyle T.O.P: thanks for coming out everyone hope you guys enjoyed the show my new mixtape will be out soon. Just before exiting the doors. G-dragon runs up to Top and touches him on the shoulder excuse me G-dragon said to top Top turns around. Wow he's kind of cute, GD said to himself. Hey, I'm G Dragon and I'm from YG. We need a new rapper and I was wondering if you wanted to try out. He's cute, Top thought. Sure, why not. It'll be cool, Top answered. Okay. Be at this place by 1:00 tomorrow, GD told Top. Okay, see you tomorrow, Top said. I hope he comes tomorrow. I would really like to see him again, GD said to himself as Top left. I'm definitely going tomorrow if it means I get to see him again, Top said as he walked out the door. Will top be able to make the cut? Will G-dragon accidentally tell Top how he feel? Stayed tuned and find out

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