Lee Min Ho a Man of Thrill ^^,

Who always gave a Fans a Tremble ;)) Lee Min Ho held a fan meeting concert after releasing his first album 'My Everything'. Actor Lee Min Ho met his fans on the global tour in Seoul 'My Everything' which was held at Kyung Hee University's grand peace palace on May 25th. It has been 2 years since he held a fan meeting in Seoul. At a press conference held before the show Lee Min Ho said he was unable to have a fan meeting last year because of shooting drama Faith. He is very excited and really looking forward to meeting his fans. On The Global tour in Seoul, not only Korean fans but also fans from Asia and Europe, generation from all different age group were there to enjoy. The fans could not hide their joy and emotions. The opening songs were 'My Everything' and 'You and I and we (You & I)'. When singing his first song 'My Everything' he appeared on the middle of the stage with wearing a white color jacket giving a very romantic performance. On the next song 'You and I and we (You & I)' he rode a stationary bike acting as if he is on the way to meet his girl friend. It seemed like a musical which made the number very unique. The songs were followed by an interview host by comedian Byun Ki Soo. On Q&A time called 'Intimate Profile' he showed his humor and became a boy next door? ^^ When asked about his first drinking experience he said it was when he was in middle school. He was so drunk he could not stand up when his friend's father came back home. His friend's dad gave him money for cab but he took the bus and spent the money for snack. Next question was where he cleans first in the shower.. He said top to bottom. What is your favorite coffee? He said he likes iced cafe mocha and sometimes he drinks iced chocolate when he is in a bad mood. He stated that he doesn't like bitter coffee, which gives him an image of a sweet guy. ^^ When asked about his character. "Optimistic and positive and nice, mellow, dislike cucumber and sometimes do have temper," because of self-praising the entire audience started to laugh. Lee Min Ho had a lot of friends from different field sending congratulations. Actor Jung Il Woo sent a congratulatory message in the video "Please stay in the notes when you sing." He said "The singing is okay, but horrible dancer," best friend tells all. Also actor Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Sang Jung, Jeong Seong Hwa have sent congratulatory messages. Lee Min Ho said the favorite song on the album is 'Pieces of Love' and sang the song with his sweet voice melting all the lady fans then, when performing cheerful beat songs 'Love Motion' and 'My Little Princess' he had a cute dance number making all the fans heat up. After finishing the dance number he said "This is too much for me I am so out of breath." he drank water and said "But still I feel excited because of the beat." Lee Min Ho was enjoying himself on stage Last but not the least, he said he will do his best to finish his global tour successfully, and on his upcoming drama 'Heirs' he will try to set his fans hearts on fire. Through this concert, Lee Min Ho had an opportunity to show not only his singing and dancing skills, but also his attractive and humble personality. Lee Min Ho always put others first. He would help the staffs and offer drinks to them. Host Byun Ki Soo said "I've been hosting a lot of fan meeting but Lee Min Ho was the first to offer drinks." He was deeply moved. There was something very remarkable about this fan meeting. How many actors in his 20's would have a mother and daughter fans attending together. Surely, Lee Min Ho's 'My Everything' did. Lee Min Ho has proved his charm goes over generations and cross the borders. Lee Min Ho is scheduled to also perform in Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong and many other cities. courtesy by the original owner of the article and pictures :)

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