Perseverance Is Key, Said Through Anime!

Hiya Lovelies!! Never giving up is a reoccurring theme in anime and especially connect and am inspired by Miranda. She's a clutz and claims she has bad luck. Everyone in town make fun of her and yet even when she us at her low she still doesn't completely give up on herself. She gets back up and tries to improve herself. I can relate to her and I admire her will and determination! There are some days when I dont know what to do with myself and I let my insecurities define me. And I look up to her because she is so strong to get back up. She let Allen and the others be her family and remind her how significant she is and how much they care. I think that gave her the confidence and boost to keep going. Lemme know if you can relate ~Hit the like button! Comment below youre fave lesson from D.Gray-man (X @InVinsybll@Danse@hikaymm@TylerDurso@VoidX@AdamDean@Alcides13@Alletaire@Animefanatic18@ARMYStarlight@BobbieStinson@bmcclain191@BobbieStinson@CreeTheOtaku@DaiGakuSei@danidee@DariusLigon@devinrohers@dragonlover1852@gabbycalzada@GillianMarsh@iixel@JadaDiemand@JakeErter@JayEstrella@Kirik@KaylanMadoori@littlemaryk@MadAndrea@MajahnNelson@MelissaGarza@MetalMorgan@Moonpie15b@nberry1620@NikolasSatterwh@NinjaMouse@poojas@punksjunk@reaper412@ReinShirai@RosePark@shannonl5@Silverfang@ShinigamiSan@tayhar18920@TaylorKoby@TreverMoon@Volpix5150@ZeltzinCorona

Just your Typical college student who would rather watch anime and read than go to a party. (: Send me a message if you wanna talk about awesome anime! 🤓
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