Wait Until You Fall In Love With Scented Jewelry

Kiss your glass spray bottle goodbye.

It's looking like the days of buying a fragrance gift set will soon be long gone. If you're a fan of dainty jewelry and you love to smell sweet then you might be interested in the new approach companies are taking when it comes to perfume. Introducing, scented jewelry.

Perfect for those women who find themselves reapplying their perfume every so often. You have the option of going for the mini size vials filled with essential oils or the lockets that happened to be filled with scented spheres and leather cutouts. How convenient is that? If you're interested in these fragrance options, keep scrolling to see a couple different alternatives below.

Zoe & Piper Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

The Designer Of The Product Says:

Illuminated Perfume Solid Perfume Lockets

The Designer Of The Product Says:

Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Earrings

The Designer Of The Product Says:

Peacock Parfumerie Perfume Pendants

The Designer Of The Product Says:

Are you loving this idea?

Innovative or you'll stick to your fragrance in a bottle?


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