K-DRAMA FCF? Song Ji Hyo!

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I 1st saw Ji Hyo in "Goong" and didn't care for her character much in that drama, then I saw her in "Emergency Couple" which is know one of my favorite dramas because of her character and the story. Emergency Couple is my favorite role she has played. Lastly I have seen her in "Ex-girlfriend's Club" which was pretty good and I enjoyed her in it. She is very unique in her acting and in appearance. She changed alot in appearance from "Goong" to recent dramas which is fine because she is still beautiful.

She also got to act as a couple with this cutie named Choi Jin Hyuk who is one of my favorite actors. Therefore I'm super jealous of her.

Here's to my last kdrama FCF! The beautiful Song Ji Hyo!

Tagging everyone in FCF!


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