So in my previous Journal's I asked how to say "I like you" in Korean,but... I never said it,but later I started dating the guy I wanted to say to god I felt like the most happiest girl in the world...well anyways so we started going out Feb.17.16 god im still so happy he asked me out...found out he liked me back 3 months when I barely knew who he was...or much more talked to him..while I was still interested in the guy from 9th grade and always tried to talk to him if I saw him....but the guy im dating fell for me.I never asked how or why just knew he started liking me 3 month ago and still does and I love him the same way after I got over the other guy,well besides that I did talk to him at times,but didn't talk to much to him since he had someone and I kind of felt an attraction like romance way well....she dumped him.....after a while he started to socialized with me suddenly and I still didn't know they broke up since I don't listen to much gossip in school...but I fell for him...he was kind to me, hugged me, and was really funny when he wanted me to be happy. Let's just say he got me like that...And after a while he asked me out by txt I said yes and he asked me out face-to-face and yes again and he has courage to walk me to my car my mom was so proud I got a good boyfriend so far...let's hope I last months with him....

This is where I asked how to say "I Like You" in korean: AND MY PREVIOUS JOURNAL #4 BETRAYAL:

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