Kelly Clarkson's Final Moving Performance On American Idol

No, I'm not crying... *sniffle*

Kelly Clarkson is just as talented today as she was when she graced the stage in season 1 of American Idol. Not only did she win, but she went on to an insanely successful career that is still on it's way to success. American Idol though however has reached its final season so it's no wonder that they brought back one of their most famous alum. Clarkson performed her hit "Piece by Piece" which was so moving that she had the entire audience in tears. Even Clarkson herself choked up!

Though she claimed her crying on her hormones since she's pregnant, Clarkson's performance was one to remember. Clarkson has faced many obstacles within the industry claiming that many other artists have refused to collaborate with her which is truly a disservice to the music industry. To defy her haters, Clarkson has let out hit after hit without any sign of slowing down. It's wonderful to see her show her independence and be successful at it. Keep it up Clarkson!

What do you think of her performance?

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