Miscommunication Fan Fiction Part 1 (Junsu JYJ)

The music pulses through you as you dance out your frustrations, your anxieties, and find a balance between the music and the movements. You prefer to workout in private, you arrive as soon as the gym opens soothe audience is limited. This is your therapy, exercise of body, mind, and spirit. The portable speakers are connected to a smart phone that you placed on the floor in front of the mirrored wall. For the week you’ve been at the hotel, you’ve tried to keep your exercise routine at the same time each day. You’re pretty sure that if there had been complaints to the hotel, someone would say something to you.

The manager stood off to the side, just inside the doorway. There were only a handful of guests in the gym that morning. He noticed those in the gym either had their own head phones in or seemed to tailor their workouts to the beat of what was playing. The female seemed to move seamlessly from dance to dance by a variety of popular KPOP idols. He had heard about idols, they were in the news often, you couldn’t live in South Korea and not at least have heard of a group or two. When he took this job he made it his business to learn about his employer’s entertainment side. After all, that funded the hotel at the beginning. Now though, he could proudly say that the hotel did very well on its own. As the hour wound down he moved off back to his office. He could have simply pulled the video feed from the past week but felt it better to observe with his own eyes.

Sweaty, exhausted, but now fully awake, you head back to your room to get ready for the day. There are client meetings today that you need to be on time for. It could end up being a much longer day than you planned. When you started your own consulting company you never dreamed it could lead to clients worldwide. You fly over from the US every other month and so far, it’s a good life.

Your daily hour long dance sessions not only help clear your mind for the day ahead but also help keep you in shape. Since you live out of suitcase, you also eat out almost three meals a day. While you try to avoid fast food, most days there is no choice. That does nothing for someone who sits behind a computer all day. Before you can head in to shower, a knock comes to the door. You check the sound on the TV, hoping it isn’t a sound complaint, but what other reason would anyone have to be knocking on your door?

A beautiful vase of Dendrobium Orchids greets you. The bell boy smiles, hands you a card, the arrangement and heads off back down the hall. Flowers? That’s weird. It isn’t your birthday, did your cat die? Did your friend let him outside and is trying to soften the blow? You carry them into the living area and put them on the table.

Still staring at them like they are going to bite you, you pick up the card and slit it open.

“Beauty for the beauty that fills my eyes each morning.”

You scowl as you flip the card over, “No name.”

You get up and go over to the phone; the only way to ‘not’ freak out about unsigned flowers is to know facts. The front desk confirms that the flower delivery had your name and room number on it. Weird, but not totally creepy, yet. You hang the phone up and continue with your routine, you now have 15 minutes less to get ready than you did before.

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