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For my contribution to BamBam Saturday I am gifting you all with a One Shot. It will be BamBam x Reader. I hope you all enjoy it. Just look at that cute face. I decided to start writing one shots this week for the Got7 Boys on their day of the week. And I will be taking requests for imagines, one shots for the boys. If you want a story message me the details. OK guys I hope you enjoy reading this story. Be forewarned it starts off sad because I am in a sad mood (my uncle passed away) but I am getting better with those who have checked on me.


It has been months since I seen my boyfriend; Bam Bam in person. He is busy right now touring with his band GOT7 and doing award shows. I feel that the calls and skyping have been few and far between. That's why right now I am at dance studio dancing out my anxiety and fear. Tomorrow Bam Bam returns from tour but I am unsure if I will see him that day or the following week. He still has unanswered my texts this past week and I haven't been able to facetime or talk on the phone with him. All these emotions are playing out in my choreography. I get so lost in the music and as the song ends I fall back and lay on the ground and bring and arm up over my eyes. The tears slowly fall down. I miss him so much. Yet I have such dangerous questions and ideas inside my head. Am I holding back? Do I deserve him? Does he even love me anymore? As these questions run through my head several times the tears silently come down my face. I suddenly feel a shadow over my figure. I look up and see him standing over me. I go to wipe my tears but he stops me and leans down and wipes them his self. His eyes are looking at me in confusion. "(y/n) why are you crying? Are you hurt?" I just look at him in disbelief that he is actually here. I touch his cheek and then slowly smile and then pull him down on top of me in a tight hug. He hugs me back and then looks at me in the eyes. "(y/n), I asked why were you crying?" I look at Bam Bam and shake my head meaning I won't tell him. I am just so happy that he is here in my arms in this moment. I lean up and meet his lips in a kiss. He ends the kiss all too soon. "Were you crying because of me, my Angel? If you where I am so sorry. I missed you so much and I avoided your calls because I wanted to surprise you with being home early. I figured you be dancing here as you can tell I rushed because I was excited to see you." He looks at me as if I am the only person in the world. With that look and his words "my Angel" ringing inside my head the dangerous thoughts disappear. When he looks at me like that I know he loves me. "Bam Bam, I was crying because I missed you so much and felt that maybe I was unworthy of you" "Angel, you are the greatest thing to me. I don't know what I would do with out you. I love you (y//n)." He leans his head down again and presses a kiss to my forehead, eyes, cheeks, tip of my nose and then finally my lips. His arms wrap around me as he kisses me. One arm behind my head the other around my waist and he rolls us over not once disconnecting the kiss. Now our positions switched where I am on top and him bottom. I smile against his lips. and then sit up. I look down at him. "I love you Bam Bam but maybe we should take this home for a special reunion instead of on the dance floor of my studio." He smiles at me, and starts tickling me. I laugh so hard. "Awe there's my Angel. Promise not to cry anymore. I love you." He sits up and then stands up and grabs my hand and his luggage. I take my keys out and turn off the light as we walk out of the studio to our home.

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