Cold as a rock, Sweet as Sugar Part 5

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You look through your closet to find your outfit of the day. As you look through your closet, You thought about Hoshi, The way he looked into your eyes, The way his voice sounds when he used to serenade you, He was perfect. You found a cute black shirt hanging there. You put it on with a pair of high waisted pre cut pants, To add with it, You topped it off with a black beanie, a rolled up sleeved camoflauge flannel and black and white adida shoes.

You put your hair down in a low ponytail. You grab your phone and head towards the door, But before you leave, You look over at the sleeping Yoongi, Who looked incredibly cute and adorable. You walk towards him and give him a kiss on the forehead. You coress the side of his face slowly as you fix his hair. You once again kiss his forehead and walk out the door. You walk around the block as you text Hoshi,

"Hey Oppa, Where are you?"

About 2 minutes later, He replied, "I'm outside of Boba Island right now."

You put your phone away as you speed walk towards Boba Island.


You see Hoshi waving to you as soon as your foot had touched the corner of the block. You smile as you run into his arms. He hugs you tightly as he pulls you back,

"You look very beautiful today." He said as he looks into your eyes.

His hands slide down from your shoulders, Down to your hands. His fingers laced together with yours as he his cute smile appears.

"How was your morning?" He asked you.

"It was fine. How about yours oppa?"

He gave you a frown expression as he looks down at the ground.

"Honestly, It was good until I had the weirdest this morning."

He looks up at you to see your reaction, "I did too." You confessed.

He face looked stunned as his eyes widen, "Really? What Happened?"

As you look at Hoshi's constraning face, You explain how a white shining figure held your hand tightly, How the figure's hand was rough but smooth at the same time.

His faced looked confused as he asked you, "Did you find out who the figure was?"

You looked up at him as you touched his shoulder, "The figure was...You."

His mental expressions froze as he guides you into the cute little ocean based cafe.

He sits you down at a table that was set near a window. He walks over to the register as his face frowns. You look out the window as your eyes trail off to different objects.

The bright sun had rayed through the clear glass, Feeling the warmth against your skin. You look over at Hoshi to see him holding 2 drinks. As he sits down, He sets the light brown colored drink in front of you. You smile a bit as you take a sip.

As you take a big gulp, You felt something warm touching up against your leg. You look under the table, His leg was embracing against yours. But he looks down and quickly moves his legs away from you. He blushes instantly sips away.

To break the awkward silence, You ask a question,

"So, Have you been talking to anyone?"

He turns his body towards you as he looks into your eyes, "A few girls but none of them are attractive to me. Only like one girl but she's taken." He clears his throat loudly, "Enough about me, How about you? Are you still talking to that one boy who can rap?"

You look at him with bright pink cheeks, You stuttered as you try to say,

"Ye..Yeah, I am."

He smiles as he pinches your cheeks, "Your so cute when you stutter. And, How is that going for you?"

You smile widely as you look at the ground, "It's going really well, We have our moments together."

Hoshi looks at you with wondering eyes, "Are you guys like dating? A couple?"

Your eyes slowly turn towards him, You thought about it for a moment, "Now that I realize it, We aren't together but we act as if we are together." You frowned, You thought to yourself, 'How come he's not my boyfriend? Are we friends with benefits? Should I ask him out? Or wait? Is this my life with Yoongi?

Before of thinking to other conclusions, You were interupted by the voice of Hoshi,

"Hey, Wanna leave?"

You nod a yes before he takes your hand. As you head down the street, You got a text.

You take out your phone as you cross the street. You let go of his hand as you look down at your phone. You look at your notifications as your foot touched the sidewalk.

As you walk besides Hoshi, You look down with a terrified expression as you see a text from Min Yoongi.

"Hey Pretty Lady, I have something important to ask you later tonight, See you soon."

You looked up with blank eyes. Hoshi wraps his arm around your shoulders as he asks you, "What's Wrong?"

You just stay silent as he keeps bugging you. You finally confessed as your voice limbers,

"He wants to ask me a question tonight."

"The friend with benefits?" He whispered.

You nod a yes as you frown. He rubs your arm as he questions quietly,

"Are you worried?" You nod as he brings you in closer to his arm, Feeling his side embrace against yours. You blush as he squeezes you softly.


Hoshi walks up to the doorstep and hugs you before leaving. He pulls you back and gives you a kiss on the forehead. But you just let him, feeling uncomfortable. You wave to him goodbye before opening the front door to see Yoongi sitting on the couch with his legs crossed and his hands in his lap, He says,

"I have been expecting you."

You laugh as he stands up, puts his hands on your hips and kisses the tip of your nose. You blush a bit as he takes both of your hands and leans in closer into your face. He whispers shyly as he looks down, "You know we have been talking for a while now. For about 2 months now and..." He sighs as he lets go of your hands. He rubs the back of his neck as he looks into your eyes, "I...I really (Y/N), I really really like you."

You blush as you kiss his cheek gently, "I really like you too Yoongi."

He smiles in relief as he takes your hand, "I know this is so sudden and I understand if you deny me, But... Will you go on a date with me tomorrow night?"

You smile widely as you nod yes. He grabs your face and gives you a soft and lovely kiss. As he pulls away, He smiles down at you as he kisses your forehead repeatingly...

This is my favorite part of the story XD I hope you all enjoyed!

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